Mama Nibbles: Mia Mariu Perfecting Finish Mineral Makeup Review + Giveaway

Mia Mariu Perfecting Finish Mineral Makeup Review + Giveaway

*I received these products as a gift to help facilitate my review.  In no way did getting them for free affect my opinion to be a positive one.  I write my own honest opinions and all content is mine.

Welcome!  I have been trying out Mia Mariu cosmetics and this is my picture story/review for the following products:
PERFECTING FINISH Mineral Loose Powder Foundation Marfil
PERFECTING FINISH Mineral Cream Concealer Vainilla

The above photo is before any makeup and after I had applied a light moisturizer.  I have some dry trouble spots on my face and I like to use a moisturizing sunscreen under my makeup.  I'm almost 31 and taking better care of my skin has become a new daily routine.

My problem areas on my face:
-darkness in the outer eye corner
-darkness on eyelids
-lots of dark veins on my lids
-some unevenness on my lower cheeks near my lips
-a few blemishes
-a few dark splotches from old blemishes
-a small chicken pox scar
-darkness under my eyes especially near inner corner
-I have a giant mole/beauty mark! (quacamole anyone?) hehehe That's from Austin Powers in case you didn't know it.  Yep that baby is there for life because I'm too scared to have it removed plus I kind of like it there.  I like to apply a bit of makeup over it to make it slightly lighter.

A good concealer is the most important part of makeup application in my opinion.  If you have areas that need coverage you need to use it.  Foundation without it is only wasted.  First step (after moisture) was to apply the concealer.
Next picture shows my face after I used the Mia Mariu PERFECTING FINISH Mineral Cream Concealer in Vainilla (above photo).  I used a small concealer brush to apply this and then dabbed with my index finger to blend.  I thought that the concealer was very creamy, not greasy at all and it provided excellent coverage with only 1 layer.  After it dried it was not cake-y or heavy on my skin.  I like the heavy plastic case with mirror inside.  This cream stays clean in the case and the mirror was very handy for application because it was so clear.  I feel like it did an amazing job of covering up my dark circles and spots.  My blemishes disappeared and my skin is well on it's way to looking flawless.  I probably could have applied two coats on my outer eye corners since that area is so dark.  Overall I am happy with the results.
Next up is Mia Mariu's new PERFECTING FINISH Mineral Primer.  I used a foundation brush to apply it.  I just squirted a spot about the size of a quarter onto the top of my hand and then brushed it on in upward strokes.  It was extremely liquid and I wish the primer had been thicker.  I ended up letting one layer dry and then I applied a lesser second coat before I noticed results.  The bottle is such a small size at 1 fl oz.  I would have to buy at least 2 tubes to get me through 1 month and that would be $40 total.  The primer did go on very smoothly and I felt no irritation as the day when on.  I didn't notice any scent at all.  After both coats dried the primer did seem to make my skin look more even textured.  The third photo is after the primer was applied twice.
Lastly I tried out the Mia Mariu PERFECTING FINISH Mineral Loose Powder Foundation in Marfil.  I don't like liquid foundations very much because they irritate my skin so I had to choose the powder.  The color matched up perfectly to my skin and didn't cover up my freckles too much which I love.  The container that the loose powder comes in is definitely not to my liking!  This has several holes for you to tap the powder out of.  If I put this into my makeup bag then all the powder would come through and end up all in the cap so when opened I'd have a big mess.  I wish Mia Mariu would consider a slider to close up those holes.  Overall I felt that the powder went on smoothly, made my face matte, and it stayed put for at least 5 hours before I needed to freshen it up again.
For my finished night-time Fall look I did a very natural looking smoky purple/brown eye with a slight shimmer.  I applied some shimmering lip balm, penciled my eyebrows up and added a coat of good mascara.  I'd like to give some more Mia Mariu items a try to see how they perform in the future.  I really loved the results I got using their brand and I would recommend them to anybody.

To find out more about Mia Mariu products check out their website and Facebook page:
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