Mama Nibbles: Zaycon Mall BBQ Planks and Wraps Review + Grilling Idea

Zaycon Mall BBQ Planks and Wraps Review + Grilling Idea

 Grilled to perfection!  Juicy chicken breast, yellow peppers, sweet onion, tuscan dressing, pepper and salt with a squirt of mayonnaise. 
     Zaycon sent me some of their planks and wraps so that I could try them out and show you how they work.  All I did was take the planks and wraps out of the wrapper to soak in water for 20 minutes before grilling.  I marinated the chicken in a splash of Tuscan dressing mixed with a tablespoon of mayo for maybe 20 minutes.  The yellow pepper and onion were bundled into the wrapped chicken and man was that a genius idea!  We had the charcoal grill hot and popped everything onto our nicely seasoned cast iron grates.  In no time we had cooked our succulent and juicy chicken to perfection.  Everything had a smoky flavor to it that was really unique.
     For our side I made a cheesy steamed broccoli and then the white sauce you see is from Progresso.  Progresso soups makes a line of amazing gourmet sauces that are in the freezer section.  This particular sauce was their White Wine Sauce.  Their sauce is light but so flavorful.  I thought that the balance of the garlic and lemon was perfection.  One pouch was actually enough for 2 people, on the box it says it is 1 serving.
     Everything put together just made for such a special meal.  All we needed was candle light and some piano playing in the background.  Instead of the romantic fantasy we ended up with 1 toddler tossing his peppers on the floor under his seat.  The older two children were poking each other in the side every 10 seconds which ended in an argument.  Then the neighbors dogs started barking loudly!  LOL There is never a dull moment here.
     Zaycon Mall has made these planks and wraps extremely affordable.  We think they are worth every penny!  There is a whole plethora of recipes that could be enjoyed with these.  They would be excellent for a dinner party. The planks are definitely reusable but the wraps are not.

You can sign up for a Zaycon account to start saving on your household grocery budget go HERE.

You will find the Zaycon Mall HERE where you will find the Larry the Cable Guy Cedar Plank Gift Pack which includes:
1x 13" Beer Butt (Rootbeer) Chicken Plank;
1x Large BBQ Plank (7" x 15"); 2 Bags of Smokin Chips; 5 Gourmet BBQ Wraps; 2 BBQ Smoke Bombs; 1 Bottle of Larry the Cable Guy BBQ Spice.
ALL for only $27.87 including shipping!

*I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.
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