Mama Nibbles: Easy Triple Berry Cupcakes #CoolWhipFrosting #CBias

Easy Triple Berry Cupcakes #CoolWhipFrosting #CBias


Oh where has the summer gone.  I can hardly believe it was over more than 2 weeks ago.  I think every year it feels like it goes by faster and faster.  My summer was filled with fun projects with my three children, going to the beach when my husband had the day off and swimming in our pool. We had so much fun and made so many amazing memories.

Now that fall is here we are getting the sweaters out and watching the leaves change their colors.  I am happy that the weather is cooling down because I really enjoy baking.  My two older children are in school all day and they work so hard.  I just wanted to reward all their hard work in this past first month of their school year.  My idea was to use the berries we loved from our summer inside of a cupcake and then I'd top it with a new frosting I'd heard about, Cool Whip Frosting..  I checked out the Cool Whip Facebook page the other day and was reading all the comments from people who have tried it out.  It sounds delicious and I just had to get my hands on some for a cake so off to the store I went.


I had a plan in my head to make a triple berry cupcake.  I knew Walmart would have the ingredients I needed at a good price.  I found everything I needed and more.  The Cool Whip Frosting was easy to find in the freezer section, right by the pies and desserts.  I love shopping at Walmart because they always have what I need and my money goes a long way there.  I had a fun time shopping with my kiddos.  You can check out our whole shopping trip in my Google+ Album.


That night after the kids went to bed I got to work in the kitchen.  My whole house smelled like sweet vanilla and the heat from the oven felt lovely since the nights are now getting to be so chilly.  The dessert would be a special surprise treat, just because and for no reason except to show my family that I love them.  The most indispensable of all good home cooking; love for those you are cooking for.

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I love how the cupcakes I made turned out!  Somehow one cupcake disappeared the night I was making them.  I plead the fifth!  Inside this cupcake I added blueberries and raspberries.  On the top is a delectable red strawberry jello and then on top of that is a creamy sweet ring of new Cool Whip Frosting in the Cream Cheese flavor (it contains real cream cheese).  My children were quite excited when I pulled these beauties out of the refrigerator.  They all sat down at the table with their "cuppy-cakes" and then it was dead silence as they ate!  I seriously have never seen them ALL quiet at the same time and I must say I really enjoyed a moment of quiet.


Ready for the recipe?  Here we go!

Triple Berry Cupcakes w/ NEW Cream Cheese Cool Whip Frosting

You will need:
1 box white cake mix (make according to box directions)
1/2 cup frozen blueberries or huckleberries
1/2 cup frozen raspberries
1 tub Cool Whip Frosting in the cream cheese flavor
1 package strawberry gelatin or you can use a junket or even a glaze
Pack of cute cupcake liners

To make:
1.Prepare your cake mix according to the package directions and divvy up into your cupcake liners placed inside a cupcake tin/pan.
2.Sprinkle your frozen berries evenly between each cupcake
3.Bake according to package directions but you may need an extra minute to compensate for the frozen berries
4.Completely cool cupcakes on a wire rack
5.While cupcakes are cooling mix 1 package of gelatin with 1/2 cup boiling water and stir to dissolve
6.Once gelatin has dissolved add in 1/2 cup freezing cold water and stir, this will thicken
7.Dip each cooled cupcake in the gelatin and then refrigerate them for 30 minutes
8.Place Cool Whip Frosting inside of a piping bag or storage bag and pipe a circle onto the top of the cupcake.  I used a star tip to give it pretty ridges.  There is more than enough frosting to do 24 cupcakes.
*keep your cupcakes refrigerated
*find more Kraft recipes
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