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Gifts for Anybody - Soda Sparkle Home Soda Maker

     Soda Sparkle is a smart, compact and easy to use home soda maker.  The twin bottle home soda maker starter kit ($59.99 ARV) includes everything you need to make your own soda pop right in your home.  A single bottle kit is also available for purchase ($49.99 ARV).  Inside of the twin bottle box you will find:
-one compact soda making machine (has 2 parts)
-1.3L light sparkle bottle w/ sealing lid (extras are $9.99 ARV)
-1L extra sparkle bottle w/ sealing lid
-1 box of 5 disposable recyclable chargers (box of 50 is $24.99 ARV)
-1 box containing 15 assorted single serve natural flavors (box of 60 is $19.99)
     I opened up my Soda Sparkle box and pulled out its contents.  Once I had glanced over the manual I grabbed a jug of cold water from my refrigerator.  After washing and drying all the parts I was ready to begin.  Watch this short video of me using it for the very first time:
     This soda maker was so easy to use.  I really didn't have to question whether or not I was doing it right.  The directions laid it out simply enough and both bottles even came with extra directions that were illustrated.  I simply followed along and in no time flat I had a full bottle of sparkling water ready to go.  Patented Dual Safety Valves prevents build up of bottle pressure making it safe to use for the whole family.  The Soda Sparkle kit makes less waste and saves you money.  You can do away with the clutter of pop cans for good!
     I read on the Soda Sparkle website that the bottles are BPA free and PET (Polyethylene terephthalate) which means they are recyclable and can be reused over and over again.  The flavorings are natural, sugar free with no preservatives.  Soda Sparkle's chargers are fully recyclable.  This is not a counter top appliance.  This is something you can store in a drawer or take with you on the go.  These points are excellent points to consider when you are looking for a home soda maker.
     For my first glass of soda I tried out the Cola Lemon flavoring and loved it's flavor.  It can only be described as simply as it is named, a good cola with lemon added to it.  I could definitely get used to drinking it.  The Cola Lemon was very refreshing with a very smooth lemon aftertaste.  I liked that I could just cut the pre-measured packet open with nothing to measure.
     The single serving packets of flavoring are really convenient because then everyone in my family  can have the flavor they want.  Sometimes one child will want one flavor, one another and one yet another.  No need to make a separate bottle for each thanks to the single serving packets.  If you purchase a box of 60 then each packet is only .33 cents each.  One packet makes approximately 8 oz of soda.  Soda Sparkle does make family size flavorings in case you do wish to just make one large bottle of a single flavor ($14.99 ARV for 10 packets).  The unique and exotic flavorings that are available are: lemon, pineapple, apple, cola-lemon, tonic and lychee.  Soda Sparkle will be releasing more flavors to come! The flavors are sugar free and the sweetener being used it Sucralose. 
     What is Sucralose?  "Sucralose adds sweetness to foods and beverages without adding calories or carbohydrates. As an alternative to sugar and other calorie-containing sweeteners, it can play a role in weight management programs that combine sensible nutrition and physical activity." -source:
     One thing worth noting is that my tonic flavoring packets had a little leak.  I am assured it was a one time thing that has never happened before.  The Soda Sparkle customer service was outstanding when I told them about this.  They are sending me a brand new box of flavorings right away. It's great to know that they care about their consumer and are willing to go that extra step to make things right.

ETA 2/1/13: I was NEVER sent the replacement packets nor was I ever replied back to!  BAD customer service. 


*I was not compensated for this review.  I was sent a free product for the purpose of review.  Receiving a free item did not skew my opinion.  All opinions are 100% my own.

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