Mama Nibbles: LELO Large Smart Wand Cordless Body Massage Review

LELO Large Smart Wand Cordless Body Massage Review

     As a mother of three children under the age of 8, my days and nights are filled with chores and errands that require lots of lifting and bending.  At the end of each day I am usually tired and a bit sore.  My shoulders and lower back will usually ache so much that I cannot sleep.  Unfortunately I also have a tilted pelvis which makes my legs just slightly uneven.  My hips tend to click when I walk and my muscles have to constantly adjust to keep my body balanced.  Massage therapy and chiropractic care are my #1 relief methods of choice along with special daily stretching.  With my busy schedule I'm not able to get massage therapy or chiropractic care as often as I'd like.  I needed something that would help me out in the convenience of my own home. 
     I've been using the new large LELO Smart Wand Massager for about 4 weeks now and it has become my #2 relief method of choice.  So far I have really enjoyed my experience with it.  I really like the beautiful packaging that the wand comes inside.  There is an outer thin cardboard box and then inside it is a thicker more sturdy box that opens like a gift box.  There are so many things I love about this wand so I made a list!

-the wand has a super soft matte exterior made of FDA approved silicone
-it is entirely water proof so that you can use it in the bathtub or shower if you wish
-one charge last 2 whole hours!
-you can let it set around and not use it for up to 90 days and it will hold its charge
-it can be used all over the body
-it's easy to hold thanks to the curved handle
-I can reach around my back and neck easily
-the storage case is thick and keeps your wand safe
-this has special touch sensors that make the vibrations stronger once it touches your skin
-the three buttons are simple to press
-the wand has 8 different massage modes and all are equally wonderful
-it's very quiet!
-so easy to recharge with the included adapter cord
-the round shape of the tip allows me to really dig into the spots that need it most
-12" of length really helps reach those tricky areas
-comes in three colors: plum, ivory or black
-has a 1 year LELO warranty and 10 year quality guarantee

      So now you know just a handful of reason why I love this wand.  Let me tell you how it feels.  My favorite place to use it is over my shoulder blade area and top of the shoulder.  My shoulders are always so tight.  I have issues just relaxing and am always finding myself tensing my shoulder muscles.  I like to use a moist heat to help loosen up the area and then I get my wand out.  I click the LELO Smart Wand + button 4 times to get the speed that I like then click the middle () symbol 4 times as well.  The massage mode I choose is a rolling feeling that slowly lulls my muscles into relaxation.  After about 20 minutes I am loose and pain free.  I always sleep better after a relaxing spa quality massage from my LELO wand!  I honestly have no negative thoughts about this wand at all.  I highly recommend it.  You just have to try it out for yourself and see!

You can find the LELO Smart Wand cordless body massager and more:

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