Mama Nibbles: Reading Horizons Interactive Phonics Program #education

Reading Horizons Interactive Phonics Program #education

One to whom books are as strangers has not yet learned to live. He is a solitary, though he dwell amid a vast population. On the other hand, he to whom books are as friends possesses a Key to the Garden of Delights, where the purest pleasures are open for his entertainment, and where he has for his companions the master minds of all the ages. ~Charles Noel Douglas
     I have three children.  One 8 year old daughter, a 6 year old son and then our 2 year old "baby" boy.  I'm sure every parent wants the same thing I want for my children.  That they will not struggle too much in their lives.  Anything I can do to help give them a head start is still not enough.  I want the best for them.  I never did very well in school myself but it wasn't for lack of trying.  I really believe I was not given the proper tools to succeed.  Children need us to give them those tools.  They depend on us!
     Reading Horizon is one of those tools that we can use to help.  Reading Horizons has an intensive phonics program that I believe really works.  The child I used this with the most ended up being my 6 year old son.  This year he is in 1st grade and proud of it!  Our son is a very bright boy with great comprehension.  When he was in young 5's (preschool) he was reading at a first grade level.  Now all of the sudden he is having problems reading.  It's like he has forgotten everything he had learned.  I don't know if the summer break was to blame.  Maybe we did not read enough books?  He only read 10 books the entire summer.  It could also be stress.  Last year he was attending half days and this year he is full days.  Whatever the case I know he can do better, he just needed some help.
We reviewed a complete package (for ages 4-9) from Reading Horizons ARV$349 that included:
Set of Little Books
Teachers Manuals (2 volumes)
Sound Essentials Student Manual
Reverse Listening Cards
14 posters
Enrichment CD
Set of Little Books
Tote Bag

     At first the materials seemed very complex to me.  I have never used anything like it and I really did feel kind of intimidated.  Once I looked everything over I felt more comfortable.  I realized that the materials were very organized and once we had gotten used to it I'd have no problems.  I was very impressed with all of the charts, guides, cross references and notes.  The Sound Essentials Intensive Phonics uses multi-sensory teaching.  My sister is going to school to be a teacher and she says that by using more senses to engage a child you set them up for better success.  Children will better remember things they have been taught while learning to apply what they learn.  My son can sometimes be a bid restless but the Intensive Phonics keeps him interested.  The common activity throughout the material is to have the student stand at a white board and work through some exercises.
     My 6 year old adapted well to the program and after only 30 days I noticed he was not struggling as much with his reading and comprehension.  What I was most impressed by was the flexibility of the program.  This can easily be tailored to any child's needs in many areas including grammar and spelling.  I enthusiastically recommend Reading Horizons!

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Reading Horizons also provides Webinars that you can join live or watch later.  Past Webinar topics  include:

Dyslexia: From Symptoms to Solutions 
What Should I Say When They Get Stuck On A Word?
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*I was sent items as a gift for the purpose of review.  All opinions are my own.  Receiving a free gift did not sway my point of view.
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