Mama Nibbles: Stokke Handi-Sit Portable Child Seat 6 mo to 5 yrs

Stokke Handi-Sit Portable Child Seat 6 mo to 5 yrs

     My dining room is a small space, probably 12 foot by 12 foot (if I were to just estimate it by eye).  We haven't the room to have a high chair but we do have a large table that seats 6.  Up until I received the Stokke HandiSit we were using a deluxe type booster seat.  The problem with our old booster is that it did not fit under the table.  We were done using the tray part and wanted to have our 2 year old feel more included in family dinner time.  I was constantly annoyed with his old chair sticking out from the table in our small room.  It was so bulky to take anywhere even though it claimed to be portable. The old booster was even hard to clean even though it boasted "easy to clean".

Stokke HandiSit Portable Child Seat

     The Stokke Handi-Sit comes in a small compact box.  I was shocked when I first received it since  it is so small!  I opened it up and found that it was an easy thing to put together.  You will need to snap on the plastic chair back which is simple.  Then you will adjust the sides with screw in knobs to fit the chair you are using.  And lastly loop and snap the strap around your chair to secure the Handi-Sit.  The strap is black and can be tightened or loosened as needed.  Photos of this on the Stokke website show this strap going under the seat but I found that putting it behind the seat made our Handi-Sit more secure.  I think it all depends on what type of chair you are using.
     The only problem that I ran into was that our dining room chairs all have curved backs.  I had to head out to my local thrift shop and find a straight back chair.  I scored a deal and only paid $5 for my chair but be aware of this in case you also have curved backs on your chairs.  The big hooks on the sides of the Handi-Sit need to rest securely on the back of the chair, that is important for stability.  There is also the option of purchasing Handi-Sit accessories for this seat if you wish to add a pad or extra legs for floor use.  The floor use flexibility of the Handi-Sit is a convenient feature.  I can imagine myself using this if I was still hand feeding my child.  The floor use would also work for coloring or snack time at a child height table.

Stokke HandiSit Portable Child Seat
Stokke HandiSit Portable Child Seat
     Placing the straps around my child is easy to do and he even helps out .  I only wish that there was a second clasp at the chest area, or some kind of hook.  He was able to wiggle his arms out of the straps over his shoulders far too easily.  Other than that the chair performs wonderfully.  My son has never complained of being uncomfortable and believe you me, he always complained in his other chair.
     We have been enjoying family dinner time so much more now that he is at the table with us.  We have not had to take our Handi-Sit anywhere yet but I imagine we will for Thanksgiving and other upcoming holiday parties.  Pending the host's home has a straight back chair, we should be good to go!  The Handi-Sit will fit no problem into the van or car.  I bet I could even strap it to my bike if I wanted to take it with me somewhere that way!  This is very light, so light that my 2 year old can carry it around.
     Our chair does not get dirty at all.  The way it is designed allows my child to lean forward at the table and most of his grub falls on the table and not all over the Handi-Sit.  If he does happen to smudge the sides with his sticky hands, I just wipe with a lightly damp cloth and then dry.  Stokke says to be careful of any unnecessary moisture on the wood because it can make the finish crack. 
          The Stokke Handi-Sit is available in three colors: red, black and white.  I do wish that it came in a natural finish over the beautiful (responsibly harvested) birch wood.  I think that a couple more color options would make this fit better into more homes.  Something very much worth noting is that the chair has no harmful substances and is free from bisphenol and phtalates.  There is also the Stokke 3 year warranty to think about too.  We really dig the Stokke Handi-Sit and I would recommend it to anybody!

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     I am recommending the Stokke Handi-Sit as a great holiday gift for baby.  Please see my Best Holiday Gifts Guide 2012 for more ideas.  I will be adding items daily.  Follow my blog and be on the lookout for a large giveaway event beginning sometime in December.

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