Mama Nibbles: Susan Brown's Baby Mom Collection Foot Therapy

Susan Brown's Baby Mom Collection Foot Therapy

     The summer did a real number on my poor feet.  I wore flip flops and sandals 50% of the time and the other 50% was spent barefoot.  Ever since I was a little kid I have loved being barefoot.  I would even run through our woods barefoot and climb trees barefoot.  As a child my feet were always perfectly smooth and soft no matter what I did.  Now as I get into my early thirties I am noticing dry skin where the soft supple once was.  My feet sometimes get so bad that I feel like human velcro when I walk on carpet!  Nobody wants to have dry cracked feet, it's just not comfortable and it is downright gross looking.
     When I was first asked to test out Susan Brown's Baby Foot Therapy products I thought that the name meant these were for babies.  Turns out I was wrong, they have a whole Just For Mom Collection in addition to their baby collection.
     I had some free time one night and so I got out a container large enough for a nice foot soak.  I filled it with just over a gallon of the hottest water that felt comfortable to me.  I had been sent a sample size container of the Susan Brown's Baby Dead Sea Salt Foot Soak and so I mixed that in until it dissolved.  I probably soaked my feet in there for 15 to 20 minutes or until the water started going cold on me.  The salts smelled kind of like a minty tea tree oil.  It was quite a relaxing scent that's for sure and it reminded me of my parents sauna.  Once I pulled my feet out to rinse and dry I noticed that some of the blue coloring had gone into the deeper cracks of my skin.  It didn't want to rinse out easily so I had to grab a scrub brush.  That was the only con for me with this product.
     Once my feet were all dried off I massaged the Susan Brown's Baby Foot Therapy Cream.  This cream was more liquid than the name made me think.  I was figuring on a thick cream but it was actually more like a liquid hand soap type consistency.  The smell wasn't strong from the lotion, it was light and had a hint of floral.  The cream soaked into my tired, dry feet really nicely and I was left with baby soft skin that glowed.  I decided I needed to further test out this lotion and so for one week I only massaged it onto one foot.  You can see my results in the photo below.  My feet are like night and day!  The foot that received the pampering lotion looks very healthy.  The other foot that was ignored is kinda scary and I wouldn't want to meet up with it in a dark alley hehe.
     The cream never felt greasy or heavy.  It was only light and soaked in very nicely.  I ended up loving the fact that the cream was so liquid because it made it easy to spread over my entire foot to massage in.  I am going to continue using it on both feet from now on.  I like being able to pull on my socks and not feel like my sandpaper feet will scratch the fibers apart!  After a bit of polish I am loving my feet!  Susan Brown's Baby Mom Collection is pretty awesome and I'd recommend the two products that I tried to anybody.


I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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