Mama Nibbles: Holiday Jingle Bell Shadow Box Tutorial #crafty

Holiday Jingle Bell Shadow Box Tutorial #crafty

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     I have been in a super crafty mood lately!  Maybe it is the cold weather or the great holiday decor that I am seeing everywhere.  My husband says that I do this every year.  Maybe I do but I can't even remember what I did five minutes ago hehe.  I've got another inexpensive craft idea for you all.  This is a glittery shadow box filled with bells, beads and glitter.  It's a kind of crazy-all-over piece but I love it!  All of my items came from Dollar Tree.  Total cost for me was $12 including a bag of hot glue sticks I found inside my store which I'd never seen there before.  I made this crafty project so that I could enter it into a contest over at!

{You will need}

-bells of all different sizes and some beads.  Look for bells you can cut off of things!
-3 or 4 (depending on thickness) 8x10" frames with easy open backs
-snowflake stickers or whatever stickers you wish
-plastic holiday place mat
-hot glue gun and plenty of extra sticks

{How to}

1. Take apart all frames, set 2 glass panes aside and keep one glass pane and cardboard back
2. Cut apart all your bells, beads and what-not
3. Fire up the hot glue gun!
4. Leaving the glass inside one frame add some glue inside to secure the glass
5. Glue all three frames into a thick stack.  I like to start by placing a dab of glue in each corner, stack and then carefully put a string of glue all the way around all edges.  Try to think of where glitter could escape and seal that off with hot glue

6. Lay frame box on a flat surface and then fill with a couple handfuls of your bells, beads and glitter
7. Trace back of frame onto the place mat, cut it out and then glue it to the inside of the back
8. Print out some text to place inside if you want.  I chose "Let it snow!"My printer was almost out of ink which left me with a bad print but I used it anyways
9. Secure the back of the frame in place and then place a bead of glue all the way around the edges.  We don't want any glitter to escape!
10. Stick those stickers onto the outside and anything else you want to add
11. Now you can display this wonderful shadow box anywhere

Happy Holidays!
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