Mama Nibbles: February 2012

Join Lisa Loeb and Crayola "Inside the Crayon Box" LIVE on Wednesday, March 7th

I wanted to share some news with you about an upcoming event that´s all about inspiring your little ones to become creatively alive with the help of Crayola.

Creativity matters. It´s a skill that all children can learn and when it´s practiced every day, kids become the critical thinkers, problem solvers, and leaders in the classroom, and they´re better prepared for professions of the 21st century.

Crayola wants every child to be creatively alive, so they´re inviting parents "Inside the Crayon Box," for a special live chat with celebrities and trusted parenting experts that will inspire and spark ideas to expand your child´s creative thinking. If you find yourself looking for new ways to inspire your children to express their ideas and build their creativity, you´ll want to join in to learn and share!

The first "Inside the Crayon Box" live chat is Wednesday, March 7 at 9 p.m. EST. Join Crayola and musician, children´s author and mom, Lisa Loeb for a 45-minute live streaming video chat on the Crayola Facebook Page. Lisa, best-known for her number one hit "Stay (I Missed You)," will share personal stories, practical advice and ways she brings a little creative play into every day for her daughter. They want to hear from you - participants can ask Lisa questions during the live event!

Interested in the topics to be covered during the chat?

  • Why Does Creativity Matter? Creativity is not about who´s the best artists or becoming an architect. It´s a way of thinking that encourages kids´ original ideas and develops their confidence.
  • Growing Up Creative. Lisa will share stories about growing up in a home where creativity was encouraged.
  • Simple Tips. Easy Ideas. Like most moms, Lisa juggles a lot. She´ll share simple, easy ways she sparks her daughter´s creativity as part of their daily routine. 
Crayola would also love for you to view and share the following videos with fellow parents:
 Just in case you miss the Crayola "Inside the Crayon Box" event, check out the Crayola YouTube Channel where the session will be posted.

I hope you´ll be able to join Crayola for "Inside the Crayon Box" and spread the word to your friends. To learn more about the tools from Crayola that make it easy for parents to help children develop their creativity and like Crayola on Facebook!

Also, be sure to check out Lisa´s book Lisa Loeb´s Silly Sing-Along: The Disappointing Pancake and Other Zany Songs (Sterling Children´s Books, 2011) available at Barnes & Noble and Sing, laugh, and play with pop Lisa in this fabulous collection of ten of the silliest songs ever. Fun activities, games, and recipes accompany whimsical songs. Take Lisa's Silly Sing-Along with you wherever you go and get the high-spirited good times started. Includes a 10-song CD recorded by Lisa!
Disclaimer: This info was provided to me by Crayola through MyBlogSpark

Interflora Floral Bouquets and Flower Arrangements Delivered to Your Door

     Spring is coming soon but certainly not fast enough for this gal!  I miss the flowers, their sweet smells and colorful brightness.  Do you miss spring as much as me?  Well you don't need to miss it as much anymore if you order a colorful spring bouquet from an online florist.  Interflora has a wide selection of some of the most beautiful arrangements I have ever seen and all can be delivered right to your doorstep.  Here are a couple spring arrangements that caught my eye...
      Now don't those hand-tied arrangements say spring!  These would most certainly bring a big smile to anyone's face, just looking at the pictures does bring one to mine.  You can look at those beauties and daydream of the fresh spring air.
     The top arrangement is called the Scented Spring Globe and it contains 5 muscari, 6 carnations, 6 yellow freesia, 5 pink roses and 4 orange ranunculus in a cream ceramic globe.  If you do not know, freesia produce the most lovely scent.  Everyone will be wanting to take a sniff.
     The second arrangement is called the Spring Gift Bag and it contains 3 cerise carnations with 3 blue iris, 5 sol d'or and 2 green spray chrysanthemums hand-tied with salal leaves and finished with spring gift wrap and ribbon. This gift is presented in an eco-friendly jute bag with decorative flower motif.  I think that the jute bag is just so cute and that little flower motif is perfect.  The lovely green color is fresh and compliments the flowers nicely.  The handles on the bag make you want to just carry it with you anywhere.  I have always enjoyed carnations, a pink carnation symbolizes a mother's love and what better mother to pay homage to than our own mother Earth.
     You cannot beat flowers delivered right to a loved one's door.  It makes you feel thought of, loved and so very happy.  Interflora offers so much to their customers.  They pride themselves on being personable.  This company has been in the business for almost one hundred years!  Every bouquet ordered from them will be carefully handmade and delivered with care.  With their international network of florists, a special bouquet can be handmade and delivered almost anywhere in the world in just a few hours.  Check out their website, it is simple to navigate and you will be able to find the perfect floral gift for any occasion.  There are even balloons, hampers (baskets), champagne, gift cards and more for you to choose from.

Take a look at all the Interflora flowers, you will adore them.  They have same day delivery before 2pm and next day delivery before midnight (some gifts are next day only)

Doc Milo $1000 Glam Baby Shower #Giveaway

Enter by Feb 29th
View their full line of baby shower invitations here:

Wholly Guacamole and Garden of Eatin' Review, Giveaway and Coupon

My son using the foam avocado for a phone lol
     Hello, snack time calling!  Wholly Guacamole and Garden of Eatin' want to fill your tummy and satisfy your snacking tooth with some delicious guacamole, salsa and torilla chips!   Fresherized foods is the home of these wonderful products, helping to make snack time healthier and easier.

Garden of Eatin':
For over 40 years Garden of Eatin’ has  provided an array of organic tortilla chips made with the highest quality ingredients such as whole corn kernels, quinoa and flax seeds.  From their amazing blue corn chips to their multi-grain chips, Garden of Eatin' chips provide you with a satisfying crunch and amazing flavor.
Wholly Guacamole:
In 1989 a restaurant owner named Dan Bowden started searching around for a premade guacamole that he could easily serve in his mexican restaurant.  He needed something fresh tasting and natural.  We all know that avocados brown very quickly once cut, this was a problem he intended to solve and thus Fresherized Foods was started.  The process they use to make the guac is called high pressure processing or HPP.  With this process they use high pressure water with no heat or chemicals!  The end result is a completely natural tasting product.  I was very pleasantly surprised at how good the flavors were and next time I go out for mexican food I might need to smuggle one of their convenient single serving pouches (only 100 calories each) in my purse hehe.
Wholly Salsa:
In 2009 Fresherized came out with their new salsa.  This salsa is packed full of healthy ingredients.  The smell of this salsa is intoxicating, it has the most perfect blend of ingredients.  

Learn more about Wholly Guacamole at

Twitter: @eatWholly

Pinterest: Wholly Guacamole

The Wholly Guacamole and Garden of Eatin' Prize Pack includes:
- Free and BOGO Wholly Guacamole product coupons
- 2 Garden of Eatin' product coupons
- Wholly Guacamole chip clip and other fun goodies

Disclaimer: I did receive some free products to help facilitate my review.  All opinions are my own.

#nsnation Nutrisystem Success Diet New Foods Review

     So I never really announced yet but I received my 1st Nutribear for losing 10 lbs with my last order.  Not the greatest picture of myself hehe but hey I am feeling proud so I just picked up the camera and snapped a quick pic.

     I have definitely been enjoying all Nutrisystem (NS) has to offer although I still struggle with cheating on the diet.  Who wouldn't have a tough time sticking to it though?  Let's be honest!  So even though I want to cheat, have had a couple moments of weakness, I still am on the plan and I just keep moving forward.  Every day is a new day to do better than the last.

I love that they have added some new foods to the plan so let me review a couple below.

There are some new breakfast items that I would like to talk about:
Chocolate Frosted Donut:  Donuts are a favorite food of mine, they are hard to resist when you walk into a grocery store in the morning and smell that vanilla scent wafting through the air just calling to your taste buds.  NS has done us all a great service by making this delectable donut, it is soft and the chocolate is amazing on the top.  I ordered a ton of these for my breakfasts as soon as they came out, they are my favorite. 
Honey Wheat Bagel:  I am the kid that asked Santa for bagels in my stocking for Christmas!  I am such a hardcore bagel lover and I hear that bagels are just as bad as donuts but I never cared, I ate them all the time and smothered in cream cheese and butter.  The new NS bagel is thick, hearty and intensely satisfying.  I like mine toasted and then I add a bit of fat free cream cheese on it.

Well I've got to jet but I hope you have enjoyed learning a bit more about NS foods and I hope you will join me again when I review a couple more!

Want to lose weight and get healthy on Nutrisystem? Join today by calling 1-888-853-4689 or by visiting the Nutrisystem website.
Disclosure: Nutrisystem is providing their program and support services free of charge for my participation in the Nutrisystem Nation Blogging Program.

Dandelion Earth Friendly Goods Re-Play USA Made Recycled Tableware for Kids Review

     Re-Play products from Dandelion Earth Friendly Goods are made from recycled milk jugs!  It's a better alternative for parents looking to make the planet a better place for their children as well as future generations.
     My 18 month old son tested these out with me and we loved them.  Re-Play products are so heavy duty and durable plus they can go into the dishwasher which is always a good thing.  My guy had a very easy time holding the spoon and fork in his hand, we love the deep dip in the spoon so he can eat cereal and it actually makes it to his mouth instead of this lap.  The fork has the perfect size tines for easy poking of foods.  The bowls are nice and deep so that I can fill it to the top with his favorite foods (such as cooked carrots).  He likes to throw his bowl on the floor once in a while and he has cracked a couple but when he dropped his Re-Play bowl all it did was bounce, it is solid.  Divided plates can sometimes be flimsy or not deep enough but the Re-Play divided plate is the perfect size for even the hungriest of toddlers.  I even use them with my 6 and 8 year old children for perfect portion control.  Now all they need to make are cups, I'd buy those!
     The retail price per package is right around $3-$6, a little bit more for the sippy cups.  These are affordable and how wonderful that is to these ears.  Money is most likely a bit tighter when you have children so I find myself having to really be careful not to overspend and Re-Play tableware is at the perfect price point for me and we love the colors.  Boys sets come in orange, green and turquoise.  Girls sets come in pink, green and orange.  I can't forget to mention the sippy cups!  The sippy cup is perfect, it holds 10 ounces so for me that means less refilling since my little guy drinks water all day long.  The sippy has a silicone valve inside that works like a charm for no spills.  The lid screws on easily and stays tight.  I can fit my hand inside to wash it very easily if I need to.  The holes in the spout allow for just the right amount of liquids to come through when he drinks.
     Re-play products are packaged by the Habilitation Center.  The center helps to equip adults with skills needed in life to be useful and productive with dignity and respect.  The packaging is recycled cardboard and it is designed to be minimal, to hold the product without the use of twist ties or extra restraints.  The Re-Play tableware and packaging is BPA free, recyclable as well as PVC and phthalate free.  Point is, these are made in the USA, safe and non toxic but affordable so every parent can own them. 

Click here to check these out! (Shipping on any item, any quantity in the US only $4.99!)


Butt Bench Safety Bath Seat Review and #Giveaway Ends 3/5

     Butt Bench® is a sturdy, high-quality patent-pending bathtub seat made of natural wood. This tub seat supports your weight – use it to make shaving easier, or sit down, relax, and turn your shower into a sauna.  Butt Bench is also a great bathtub storage ledge!
     The Butt Bench you see pictured is the 12" White Pine Bench but this also comes in pink pine and natural pine.  The bench arrived to my door packaged in a brown cardboard box, the bench inside was wrapped in some plastic.  I really think that bubble wrap should be used instead of the plastic wrap because there was a small nick on the corner of my bench but that is not a big issue, just something to be aware of if you are ordering.
     This was easy to take out and put right onto the back of my bathtub, so simple!  I simply made sure the back tiles were really clean so that the suction cups on the back of the bench would stick really well.  I love how easy this is to install and use.  I can put my leg up for shaving or sit down it I need to.  We needed some extra storage space for baby washes, the Butt Bench keeps them at arms reach for me while I bathe my little one.   I have my kids sit on it so I can wash their feet if they walk in the mud and my husband uses it to read a book on while soaking his tired feet and legs in an Epsom salt bath.  This is sealed with a water proof finish and it definitely holds up to my little ones splashing!  The suction cups that are in back are moveable so you can slide them to where they will stick best.  We really like the Butt Bench and recommend it to anyone young or old, it will make bathing so much easier and safer.
     You can win your own Butt Bench right here on Mama Nibbles!  Butt Bench is giving away one bench, winners choice, shipped directly to you.  To be be certain the bench will fit you need to have a standard tub with a curtain, not glass sliding doors.  Also this will probably not work in mobile homes, they have different tubs.  Please enter in the Rafflecopter form below (click read more).

Butt Bench Website (Free shipping within the continental USA!):
Disclaimer: Thank you to Butt Bench for letting me test out one seat!  I did receive one Butt Bench to help facilitate my review.  All opinions are my own.

Children's Advil Coupon Save $$$ During Flu Season

Calling all moms!
Flu season may leave your child feeling feverish, so as the season heats up, don't get caught empty-handed and having to make that midnight run to the pharmacy.
Children's Advil® is there to offer the relief you and your child can depend on! Children's Advil® provides up to 8-hours of fever relief in just one dose, relieving fever faster and keeping it down longer to help kids get back to feeling like kids again.
Click here for an online coupon link for Children's Advil.
Dye-free Infants' Advil® is available for children ages 6-23 months and Children's Advil® is available for ages 2-11 in four great liquid suspension flavors including Grape, Blue Raspberry, Fruit and Dye-Free White Grape, as well as convenient Grape Chewables.
For more information, visit at

Disclosure:  This link and information have been provided by Advil through MyBlogSpark.

Tropical Traditions Organic Palm Shortening Review and #Giveaway

     This stuff is amazing!  Tropical Traditions Organic Palm Shortening is like nothing I have ever used before.  I read on the bucket that it does not go rancid, ever.  The melting point is 97 degrees F., making it very shelf stable. It is NOT hydrogenised, and contains NO trans fats!  This is amazing for frying or baking with because it does not add any flavor or odor to your foods.  I had no idea that anything like this even existed so it makes me extremely excited to have been able to try it out and now I tell everyone about it.  If you want to know more about it go right here >>  and you can read all about it's qualities, where it comes from and more.

     I baked banana bread with this, my banana bread came out higher than I have ever seen it rise, it was moist and soft and everything that the best banana bread needed to be.  Sometimes shortening can add a really greasy mouth-feel to baked goods but this was not the case with the palm shortening.  I pan fried some stuffed chicken breasts with this and it outperformed my usual cooking oil because the smoke point is so high (around 425 F.)!  I also baked that chicken pot pie you see above and look at the gorgeous crust I was able to make.  The retail price for this 1 gallon bucket is $40.75 but it frequently is on sale and probably is right now!  This also comes in a 33 lb size if you need a larger quantity.
     Tropical Traditions has sponsored a giveaway of 1 gallon of this wonderful shortening shipped right to your door!  Enter in the form below.

Bloggers: Join me for the 2012 Savory Summer Blog-Hopping Giveaway Event

Savory Summer is scheduled to begin on May 16, 2012, at 12:01 AM EST, and end on May 30, 2012, at 11:59 PM EST.

Blogger Requirements
  1. You must have a family-friendly blog (if it's safe for an 8-year-old to read and look at, it's family-friendly).
  2. **IMPORTANT** This event is FREE to participate in, but you must write a post seeking bloggers to participate in this event (we'll ask for the link to this post in the sign-up form). Be sure to use at least one of the buttons or banners in your post and link back to this post (the one you're reading).
  3. Post one of the Savory Summer buttons or banners (each image's size can be tweaked to fit your blog; ask if you need help) on your sidebar or above the fold on your blog.
  4. You are responsible for providing a giveaway prize worth a minimum of $25 that is food or food-related (PLEASE, nothing for animals and NO gift certificates; also, if you have any doubt about a particular item being a good prize, please ask one of your hostesses via email or on the Facebook group). You can obtain sponsors or provide a prize out of pocket–we just ask that it be a minimum of $25.
  5. You are allowed to have a maximum of TWO prizes/prize packs so long as each is worth the $25 minimum.
  6. Join the Facebook group (link is in the sign-up form; we also ask for your Facebook name so non-participants can't join the group).
Join Us
Interested in joining us for this tasteful event? We'd love to have you! Be sure you read and abide by the "Requirements" section above then fill out the form below (click on the giant "Sign Up Here" link).

Start to Finish DVD Whoops and Bubbs Review and #Giveaway

     I am the mom of three very bright children.  My children do not enjoy being parked in front of the television, they like to be playing outside whenever possible or I keep them busy with crafts.  They also ask a million questions every day and I don't always have the time to answer every single one.  Well this great dvd from Start to Finish starring Whoops and Bubbs definitely captured their attention.  I was able to sit all three of my children (ages 18 months, 6 years and 8 years) down on the couch for the entire length of the movie which is about 49 minutes in length.  It was great to be able to clean the house a little bit while they were occupied and at the same time learning some new stuff that would help answer a few of those questions rolling around in their heads, info about how things come to be and are made.  Their favorite was the applesauce segment, we eat so much of the stuff and they literally ate up what Whoops and Bubbs were telling them and I heard them giggle here and there.  I did sit down to watch a little bit and while I think children do enjoy the puppets I thought that the puppetry lacked some skill and was a bit amateurish but only something a person who has done puppetry would notice.  Over all I would definitely recommend this video for anyone with children ages 2-7 and guess what, I am going to give one away!  Enter in the rafflecopter form below to win (click "read more").
     Kids and Family, this educational dvd teaches children that everything in their world has a start & a finish. Your child will learn how milk is made, how firefighters put out fires & how pizza and applesauce are made. Two fun-loving friends, Whoops & Bubbs bring to life the curiosity.
  • Directed by: Beth Harvey
  • Runtime: 49 minutes
  • Release year: 2012
  • Studio: Eleven 22 Entertainment
You can find Start to Finish:

Win a $500 Shopping Spree at keekoo #giveaway

     To celebrate the official launch of flash sales site coming in March, they are giving away a $500 shopping spree for one lucky winner!

     Their official site launch is approaching fast! What is Keekoo you ask? It’s the first members-only flash-sales website, devoted exclusively to affordable products ranging from pregnancy to newborn
Here’s a brief summary of their member benefits:
-Daily sales at up to 90% off
-Invitation-only sales last from 24-72 hours
-Featured “must-have” products will include: maternity clothing, nursery-
furniture, strollers, cribs, car seats, playpens, changing tables, dressers, rockers, highchairs, pregnancy creams/soaps/lotions, beauty, baby outfits, pajamas, socks/booties, bibs, bottles, baby tubs, blankets, baby monitors, books, toys, nursing products, and much more
-Give $10 Get $10 program: every friend you invite that joins gets $10, and you get $10 when they make their first purchase!

How do you enter to win a $500 shopping spree you ask?
There are two ways!
You are automatically entered to win when you sign-up to be a member of the site . Existing members are already entered.  For every friend you invite to keekoo you will get an additional entry. Invite all your friends and increase your chances exponentially!

Click here to JOIN NOW!
You will get a $10 credit when you sign up!
The lucky winner will be selected at random and notified by email confirmation on March 15, 2012 and announced on Keekoo’s Fan Page and Twitter Prize must be redeemed by December 31, 2012.

Juppy Baby Walker Review and #Giveaway - Canada and US

Introducing the Juppy Baby Walker...
An alternative to dangerous wheeled baby walkers that also eliminates the stress and strain on the parents back while the baby safely learns to walk. 
     The Juppy is simple and effective.  All you do is sit down with your child on your lap, slide the Juppy onto their legs like pants and pull it up all the way then zip up in the back.  Carefully make sure their arms are coming through in between the straps on the sides because otherwise it could throw off their balance.  You are now ready to use your Juppy!  
     My husband is 6'2" and he found the straps (extended fully) to be just a hair too short for him to stand up straight all the way but he said it was not at all uncomfortable for him to use.  I am 5'7" and it was perfect, the straps can be adjusted down if you are shorter.  My son is about 26 lbs (30 lbs weight limit) and the Juppy fit him very well, plenty of room in there plus the inside is so soft and comfortable.  He loved walking around in it with us and it was nice to not be hunched over while doing so.  This is a great product that is made to last.  I ordered ours embroidered with our guy's nickname, the embroidery is high quality.  We just love this!
     Most people help their little ones learn to take their first steps by holding up their little arms while hunched over them, this could potentially injure your little one or cause you some back injury.  The Juppy is great because it prevents you pulling on your child's arm when they fall and it keeps your back from being strained.  The Juppy promotes independence and will help your little one to walk sooner since they have their arms free to help them learn to balance as they naturally should.

Follow Juppy: 

**GIVEAWAY**Click "read more" below to enter**

Happy Baby Happy Squeeze and Happy Morning Pouches #giveaway

HAPPYSQUEEZE smoothies are high in Omega3s and antioxidants- you’ll find ½ serving fruit in each package. Our convenient on-the-go packaging does not need to be refrigerated before use. A healthy snack that’s perfect for your commute, your workout, or for your child’s lunchbox. A delicious snack the whole family can enjoy anytime, anywhere. Available in 3 flavors: Super Orange &Pumpkin; Super Pom, Apple & Peach; Super Yumberry & Apple.
HAPPYMORNING smoothies are high in Omega 3s, fiber, protein, calcium and iron. There is as much protein as an egg in each package. Our convenient on-the-go packaging does not need to be refrigerated before use. Our smoothies are a healthy start perfect for your morning commute, energy for your workout, or for your child’s lunchbox. A delicious snack the whole family can enjoy anytime, anywhere. Available in 2 flavors: Super Cinnamon; Super Banana.
Our youngest enjoying a Happy Tot pouch

I have 3 children under the age of 8 and we run a busy schedule here, so we are always on the go. The Happy Family product line has helped us immensely, not just in the mornings, but for afternoon snacks as well. It is an easy way for my kids to grab a healthy snack while completing homework when we get home from school before rushing out the door to run errands. It is also an easy snack to toss in their school bags for snack time.  The Super Cinnamon in particular is my kids favorite, they often fight over the last one and sometimes I will sneak one myself for a healthy snack in the car.

Their website:

Giveaway - Enter below to win:
2 coupons for a free HAPPYSQUEEZE pouch
1 coupon for a free HAPPYMORNING pouch

Sam's Club - Savings Made Simple

     Don’t miss out on precious moments by wasting hours at the grocery store and fussing over budgets. Discover an easy way to save on baby essentials from P&G by buying them in bulk at Sam’s Club® this February! Purchase all the basics for baby at your local Sam’s Club store to save time and money with this limited-time $10 Gift Card offer.

  • Stock up on P&G products at Sam’s Club in February so you can afford to give your baby quality products and a little more mommy time
  • Pick up any two of the following baby products to receive a $10 Sam’s Club Gift Card toward your purchase made between Feb 1st and Feb 29th:
    • Pampers® Swaddlers® or Pampers Cruisers® Diapers
    • Pampers SoftCare™ Scented Baby Wipes
    • Similac® Advance® Powder or Similac Sensitive® Powder
    • Dreft® Liquid Laundry Detergent
  • Register for your Gift Card at by March 14, 2012 | Also, find Sam’s Club on:
Facebook Twitter
 Disclosure:  The Sam’s Club Gift Card and information have been provided by Sam’s Club and P&G through MyBlogSpark.

New Valentine’s Day Pillsbury Ready to Bake Shape Cookies Review & Giveaway #MyBlogSpark

     Fill your home with love and now the magic of Disney. Whether you bake these cookies for, or with your loved ones, Pillsbury Ready to Bake Shape Cookies are perfect for bringing those you love most together on Valentine’s Day! 
     I decided to take my cookies and bump them up a notch for Valentine's Day by using heart sprinkles.  All I did was get the oven hot then pull out my package of cookies to sit for 2 minutes room temperature, this is so the edges would get a little soft, just enough for my sprinkles to stick.  I poured out about 1/2 cup of sprinkles onto a plate then rolled the sides of each cookie dough through them and placed onto my baking sheets.  I baked my cookies for 8-10 minutes, took them out to rest for 1 minute then transferred them to my cooling rack to cool the rest of the way before my family devoured them alongside cold frothy glasses of pink milk.
     My family loved the flavor, the softness of the sugar cookie with the added crunch of the sprinkles on the outside and wow are they so cute with the heart and mouse ears in the middles.  These were simple to make and took hardly any time which is a plus for me as a busy mom.  I am going back for more so we can make these together as a family because I know the kids would love to roll the dough around in sprinkles, it's fun.  I know you will have just as much fun making these as we did!

A giveaway is being provided by Pillsbury via MyBlogSpark!  All you have to do is fill out the simple form below to be entered to win.  Good Luck!  Ends 2/18 at 12:01 am.

Check out the Pillsbury website to see the other great Disney cookies:
Pillsbury Facebook:
Pillsbury Twitter:
    Your prize pack will contain:
  • A VIP coupon to purchase a package of Pillsbury Ready to Bake! Shape Cookies
  • Cookie Jar
  • Cookie Spatula
  • Oven Mitt 
Disclosure:  The VIP coupon, prize pack, information, and giveaway have been provided by Pillsbury through MyBlogSpark.
  Giveaway Over

Betty Crocker Cookie Coupons

I wanted to share two Betty Crocker coupons with you all.

o You can visit to download a
printable *coupon for 85 cents off when you buy ONE BOX of Fun
da-middles Cupcake Mix.

o Also, you can visit to download a
printable coupon for 75 cents off when you buy ONE POUCH of Betty
Molasses Cookie Mix.

I received this information and the coupon offer from Betty Crocker through MyBlogSpark.

Valentines Day Gift ~ How to Make a Personalized Love Tree

Personalized Love Tree
How to make a personalized Love Tree:

-Purchase a good frame that comes with a mat.  I chose this frame for under $15 at Walmart, it is about 11"x14" and the opening in the mat is just under 8"x10".
-For the background I typed a love letter to my husband, it was about 3 paragraphs long.  I copied and pasted that a few times over and chose a size 9 font script font.  I turned the document around to print as a landscape and reduced the margins to 1/2 an inch all around then printed it out in black ink.
-The tree is cut from black poster board.  I just drew it free hand then cut it out with scissors, making sure it would span the entire opening of the mat (it overhangs by 1/2") and have a good place to hang my hearts.  You can make it as curvy or as branchy as you wish, this is what makes your piece unique and special.
-Our hearts are just cut from the front of an old red notebook I had but you could use felt, fabric, foam stickers or other paper.
-I used a fine tip permanent marker to write my name and my husband's on the front of the hearts.
-The string I found in the knitting department, it is cream with gold spun into it.  I tied a bow at the top of a loop then pushed one side under the tree, the other over and put a piece on the back side of the tree to secure it.
-Once I had all the parts ready I used a wrinkle free non toxic glue stick to paste it all together.  I let this dry for a few hours then placed into my frame for display.  Glue dots for scrapbooking would also work wonderfully with this.

This simple but complicated looking craft took me about 20 minutes to complete.  It looks like something you would buy custom somewhere for $50.  If you have children you could make them each one heart to hang, that would be a cute gift for any loved one.

Happy V-Day!

#VdayGiveaway From Our Hearts to Yours Giveaway Hop Event

WithOurBest button

Welcome to From Our Hearts To Yours hosted by Life With Two Boys, With Our Best, and Mama-Nibbles. There are close to 100 bloggers participating in this hop, and each blogger has their own prize package of at least $25 worth of Valentine-related items! So after you have entered my giveaway, I encourage you to hop along (linky below) and see what the other bloggers are giving away too!
     I have teamed up with some wonderful sponsors who are offering some amazing sweet treats for you to enjoy.  Special thanks to Tookies, Fairytale Brownies, Scandle Candle and  There will be four winners, each will get one prize.  Winners will be chosen at random by  Enjoy!

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