Mama Nibbles: Living More Sustainably and Recycled Shampoo Bottle Craft #BetterTogether #CBias

Living More Sustainably and Recycled Shampoo Bottle Craft #BetterTogether #CBias

     Back in December I wrote about a portion of my own life where my family struggled.  Even after we recovered from my husband's medical issues we still experienced several pitfalls.  I could go on and on with everything that has happened to us, it has been a rough ride.
     Through it all we have been blessed with a strong 10 year marriage, 3 beautiful and healthy children and a life that we love.  Our family is forever grateful for the help that we have received from local food pantries in the past.  We want so very much to be able to give back and to teach our children that giving to others helps the world go 'round.
     Sustainable living is also something that makes the world go around and quite literally.  Being careful with this beautiful Earth that we have been given.  It's important to be picky about the brands that we choose to continue to buy.  I want to choose brands that are loyal to helping to make the world a better place.  I want to choose brands that are responsible.  Unilever has a visionary sustainable living plan that gets me excited and it should make you excited too!


      A few nights ago I began planning my trip to the grocery store to pick up some needed items.  We also wanted to build up a small stockpile of items we would plan to donate to a local pantry.  I went to my favorite coupon sites to print some great Unilever brand coupons and then searched out a few sales to price match.  There are always some great deals out there, you just have to dig a little.
     So I cut up all my coupons the night before and the next day I loaded my three children into the car.  Getting ready to go anywhere is quite a feat these days since we all have to bundle up for the freezing temps.  Once we were all strapped in I took off for Walmart.  I have to admit that part of my trip was so that I could scope out the sweet 75% off holiday clearance isles.  You never know what sort of goodies you may find.  I had heard that there might be some Axe body gift sets and those would make for a great donation item.  I had given all of our male family members an Axe set for Christmas so I knew they smelled amazing.


     The first isle we visited was the shampoo isle.  My children immediately went for the Suave Kids products.  These are used regularly in our home.  I use them because the price is right, they work well and the packaging is recyclable.  I have been a member of Recyclebank (which Unilever partners with).  That website has taught me so much about recycling and sustainable living!  I just love earning points and using them to get great rewards.
     So anywho, back to the Suave Kids stuff.  I knew that pantries are always low on personal care items.  Part of the reason is, a lot of low income families and individuals get food stamps.  Food stamps do not pay for toiletries and so a lot of people go without or get them from a pantry.  We all thought that we should grab some fun kids items.  I let the kids pick out the ones they would most like, those would be great to donate.
     We made our way through all of the personal care isles and I picked up some great items to fill up my cart with.  Lots of Caress soaps, Suave Kids shampoo and detangler, Suave shampoo and conditioner for adults, Degree Girl deodorants, women's and men's assorted Dove and Degree deodorants, men's Axe body spray, some great smelling Suave lotions and last but certainly not least Suave and Axe body washes in assorted scents.  You can see more of our shopping trip here.


     Sometime in the next week we will be donating our basket of goods to a local pantry.  For the past month someone in my family has been really ill at one time or another.  Now it seems that the kids and husband have gotten a new bug and it's even worse than the first one.  The last couple of days I have been spending time nursing them back to health while trying to get things accomplished.  Our whole family needs to take better care of ourselves so we don't get sick like this again.  Better nutrition would certainly help.  I've already began doubling the amount of vegetables we eat every day.  It's sort of a new year resolution for us all.  So far it has been going over really well.
     Yesterday I was cleaning out the shower and I noticed my daughter's Sauve Kids Strawberry Smoothers Shampoo was empty.  I decided to rinse it out and think about some way that I could recycle it.  Tonight I was writing this blog post and it dawned on me.  I should cut the top off and glue a cute ribbon around it, then I could use it to hold my makeup brushes.  My poor brushes have been getting tossed about and ruined in my makeup case.  They needed to be upright especially for drying after I wash them.  This would save my brushes and look adorable.

#BetterTogether recycled shampoo bottle

     I figured out the height that I wanted, peeled the stickers off and cut straight across with a good pair of scissors.  I used a bright lemon yellow satin ribbon to tie around the top.  A couple dabs of glue to hold her in place and tada I had a cute, recycled and practical makeup brush holder from a shampoo bottle!  The bottle gets a second chance for use and I save some money.  You could also do this to make a lovely pen or pencil holder for your desk.  Small actions such as this can add up to make a big difference.  I hope you will join myself and Unilever in the goal of making life better.

#BetterTogether recycled shampoo bottle
You can visit the Unilever Making Life Better Facebook page, Twitter page, or website to keep up on all the latest, to find out how to Cross Off Hunger and live a more sustainable and healthy life.

 I am a member of the Collective Bias®  Social Fabric® Community.  This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias™ and Unilever  #CBias #SocialFabric #BetterTogether
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