Mama Nibbles: It's Mother-Daughter Night w/ Sally Hansen #IHeartMyNailArt

It's Mother-Daughter Night w/ Sally Hansen #IHeartMyNailArt

      Spring has arrived and I have been feverishly working on getting my home in tip top shape.  Spring cleaning not only happens for the walls and windows, it also happens in my makeup case.  I decided that this weekend my polish collection would be getting a colorful update.

     The runway has been showing lots of greens, oranges, blues, gold, black and white.  I like to keep up with the trends especially now that my daughter is nine since she is more concerned with being trendy.  My daughter loves fashion and she is always asking me to help her paint her nails.  I wanted to be sure to buy some black and white polishes because we loved Calvin Klein's Spring 2013 layered black moire over a white shift dress.  We wanted to create a really fun nail look that was inspired by that dress.  There were lots of other looks that we adored and the rest of our polishes will be used to create more inspired looks too! #IHeartMyNailArt
It's Mother-Daughter Night w/ Sally Hansen #IHeartMyNailArt

It's Mother-Daughter Night w/ Sally Hansen #IHeartMyNailArt

     I went online to and ordered several Sally Hansen nail colors.  I wanted to be sure and choose all of the colors that would match outfits my daughter had favorited from the runway.  If you are interested in purchasing Sally Hansen nail items online at Walgreens you can take this link here to see what they have to offer.  It wasn't hard to find all of the colors we wanted.  Sally Hansen has such a vast variety!  I did have a bit of initial trouble figuring out what polishes were actually available for purchase online.  After about 30 minutes I finally figured out that the Xtreme Wear colors were all purchasable online and so I stuck with mostly those.  The checkout was so easy and I even got to pay with Paypal which I love.  I used some of my Walgreens Balance Rewards to get five dollars off of my order!  Now all I had to do was wait.

     While we waited for our order to ship my daughter and I took an afternoon to visit a local Walgreens store.  I had heard that they were featuring a Sally Hansen nail demo and it sounded like fun.  I needed a few toiletries from Walgreens anyways and so we hopped in the car to check the demo out.

      When we walked into the store there was a Beauty Advisor standing at a small table covered in Sally Hansen products.  She had several of the Sally Hansen’s Real Nail Polish Strips to choose from.  My daughter picked out a cute zebra print strip and the Beauty Advisor helped her apply it to one of her fingernails.  I also chose a couple of floral strips but it was really difficult to make it lie flat.  I have such highly arched nails.  The color of mine looked kind of cute with the nude color of Sally Hansen Insta Dri I had on.  After the quick visit with the Beauty Advisor we shopped around for a bit before going home.  My daughter ended up peeling the strips off before we got home for some reason and so I never got a picture of hers but they fit on her flat nails very nicely.

It's Mother-Daughter Night w/ Sally Hansen #IHeartMyNailArtIt's Mother-Daughter Night w/ Sally Hansen #IHeartMyNailArt
It's Mother-Daughter Night w/ Sally Hansen #IHeartMyNailArt

     About a week later my polish order arrived.  The polishes were inside of a small box marked only  The sun was out in full force as my daughter and I sat down to check out our gorgeous Sally Hansen nail colors.  We grabbed the black, white and clear polishes so that we could begin painting.  We both washed our hands thoroughly after using a bit of my fave Sally Hansen nail polish remover and then applied lotion.  We both made sure not to get any lotion on top of our nails because that can keep the polish from sticking.

It's Mother-Daughter Night w/ Sally Hansen #IHeartMyNailArt
#iheartmynailart Sally Hansen Polish from
It's Mother-Daughter Night w/ Sally Hansen #IHeartMyNailArt

     For the first step I applied Sally Hansen Xtreme wear in the color 300 White On all over the nail.  I ended up doing all of the painting because my daughter said her hands were too shaky.  I used an orange stick and cotton on the tip dipped in some polish remover to clean up any messy edges.  I noticed how easy this polish was to apply and I liked the thick brush.  It's a very creamy and well pigmented formula that goes on very smoothly with very few streaks.  We also noticed that the polish dried pretty fast and that was a big plus especially for our layered scalloped look.

It's Mother-Daughter Night w/ Sally Hansen #IHeartMyNailArt

     Step 2 was really easy and it looks nice if you just decide to stop right there.  We used Sally Hansen Xtreme wear nail color in 300 Black Out and painted it over top of the white in steps.  Just begin at one end with a long line then next to it with a bit shorts and then a third even shorter.  It was a big more difficult on my daughter's shorter and much tinier nails but I managed by turning the brush to it's side.

It's Mother-Daughter Night w/ Sally Hansen #IHeartMyNailArt

     Step three is just repeating step 2 but switching back to the Sally Hansen White Out color #300.  I was careful to lightly sweep it over the edge of each nail, that gives it a more professional look.  After that third layer dried we used a bit of Sally Hansen Hard as Nails clear top coat.  This top coat will give your nail art a glossy look and help seal everything to make it last.  The top coat also dried fairly fast.  I think over all we spent about 30 minutes total for the both of us.  There was lots of talking and giggles.  We took several pictures with my Smartphone and put them up on Instagram.  If you wish to follow me and see the rest then please click the image just below.  I'd love to have you follow me and I just might follow you back too!

     I think this weekend we might be caught playing around with more of our beautiful Sally Hansen nail polishes from!  My children will begin their Spring Break holiday off from school tomorrow.  Next time I am going to have my daughter paint my nails and I'll do hers.  I think she has lost a few of her jitters after seeing how easy it was to paint.  I'm so happy that we got to spend that moment together alone just painting nails and being girls.  My daughter is a joy and a blessing!

Another colorful look with Sally Hansen!

Connect with Walgreens and Sally Hansen

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Do not forget that Insta Dri is BOGO 50% off at Walgreens until 3/30/13! I own a few Insta Dri and love the bigger than usual brush because it helps me achieve a very professional and sleek look.  The best part is that I can still paint my nails even if I am in a hurry with only 5 minutes to devote to them.  I heart nail art because Insta Dri dries so fast!

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