Mama Nibbles: The Frozen Truth! #FrozenFacts

The Frozen Truth! #FrozenFacts

Healthy Choice Homestyle Salisbury Steak

     Once in a while life throws me a curve ball or two and I run out of time to cook a homemade from scratch dinner for the family.  Actually this happens more often than not these days!  Soccer practice, church stuff, family functions, errands, housework and more keep me very busy.  When I literally have only minutes to make something I always turn to frozen meals.  They are energy savers and have come such a long way since the days of my youth.

     Healthy Choice and  Marie Callender’s meals have been a very pleasant surprise for me.  Both brand names have some really amazing meals that taste just like home made.  Each meal includes the perfect portion and they are filling.  One of my favorites is the Healthy Choice Homestyle Salisbury Steak meal.  The Salisbury steak tastes just like something that I'd make in the crockpot (which would take all day!) and the green beans were exceptionally fresh.  The potatoes really taste like they were slow roasted in the oven!  I loved the little dessert of caramel apples, they were so creamy and sweet.  The whole meal would have taken me hours to make but I got to enjoy it only after several minutes, amazing!

     It was really nice to find out that Healthy Choice and Marie Callender's have over 80 meals that contain only 400 calories.  I've also learned that they pay attention to the homemade quality very carefully by using chef inspired ingredients.  Instead of sugar they use apples and instead of unnecessary salt they have used red wine.  The veggies are picked at their peak of freshness and they end up being frozen in the meals in as little as 24 hours from the farm.  No wonder those green beans tasted like they came straight from my garden!

Watch the video below to see the choices that two women make while shopping.  I am pretty sure they are both wearing Google Glass!  The future of grocery shopping is so exciting.

ConAgra Foods frozen meals give families access to real ingredients like crunchy, freshly cut vegetables, homemade pasta and ripe fruit year-round. Just like most people blanch veggies before freezing them – ConAgra Foods does too – to help preserve color, texture and keep them fresh!
Give it a try sometime! Marie Callender’s hearty pot pies are filled with tender meat, freshly cut vegetables and Marie’s authentic golden, flaky crust. And Healthy Choice recipes use chef-inspired ingredients like, apples instead of sugar for tart sweetness and a splash of red wine for a punch of flavor instead of added salt.
This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of ConAgra Foods. #spon #FrozenFacts
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