Mama Nibbles: Why I Am Lucky To Be A SoFab Member

Why I Am Lucky To Be A SoFab Member

     I started this blog a couple of years ago with eyes closed. I had been living in a little bubble and really had no clue what was out there.  I wanted to have some sort of "me" thing and I thought this would be the easiest and cheapest route to go.  I'd been a long time follower of blogs and they always fascinated me to no end.  Never did I realize that I would soon be learning to build relationships with companies.  I did not fathom just how amazing my blog would make me feel.

     After the dust was swept and house was kept, kids to bed and stories read then it was my time.  My time to write about a good recipe I had made or nail polish I'd tried.  My time to review a small appliance or baby item I'd tried out.  My time to read up on SEO or figure out how to join a giveaway hop.  My time to learn what social networking was all about.

     I've had fun doing this and I can't imagine life without it now.  It's brought me out of my shell a bit and I feel more confident.  For so long I felt invisible.  I was a stay at home mom who pretty much just raised kids, cleaned house, cooked and shopped.  Once I really started putting myself into my blog then I realized that I was short-selling my own self!  There is so much more out there and my bubble popped, I felt like a new person.  I now hold my head a bit higher.  I feel like worlds have been opened for me, I can breathe deeper.

     I had always aspired to join SoFab since the birth of my blog but I knew it would take hard work and determination to get there.  So I did my best, improving as I went along and eventually felt like I could try and apply.  I filled out the app and waited.  Not much longer after the app was submitted did I get asked to create an example Google album shop.  I knew I could knock that out of the park if I just did my normal shopping.  I gathered up my coupons, list and camera to shop.  I submitted my album once it was finished and I was immediately approved!  I jumped for joy and called my husband at work to tell him the news.  I was elated, it felt like I'd figured out how to cross a broken bridge...then the fun began.

     The whole team at SoFab has been so helpful and down to earth.  All of the bloggers feel like one big family and I enjoy participating in the forums.  When I started getting approved for shops I was so nervous and excited at the same time.  The campaign leaders were always there to answer my questions.  I'm so thankful for each and every shop that I got to complete, I learned so much.  I've also earned some much needed money for my family.  I never thought my blog would actually help our bottom line but it has.  I have learned to use social media in ways that I never even knew of because of #Cbias.  I've come to really enjoy using Twitter when before it was just confusing.  I have just learned so much!

     A whole new world of getting paid for the work that us bloggers do was opened when I joined SoFab.  I felt like companies really valued what I had to say and so much so they were willing to pay for it.  My time was valuable and SoFab helped me recognize that.  I love being able to buy the groceries every month and know that my hard work was paying for them.  We have really enjoyed the extra income because it has also allowed us to buy a few things that we have wanted.  I've enjoyed sharing all of the campaigns on my blog.  SoFab has helped me add interesting content to my blog that benefits my readers.

                 XOXO HEIDI aka Mama Nibbles

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