Mama Nibbles: I Saved BIG with Meijer mPerks + Tex Mex Salad Recipe

I Saved BIG with Meijer mPerks + Tex Mex Salad Recipe

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Last week was spring break for our eldest two kiddos.  We had a lot of fun spending time together playing outside and visiting family.  The weather has been gorgeous for Michigan but not quite as warm as we had hoped.  Nevertheless I wanted to make a delicious dinner that would remind us of warmer weather.  Our dinner for five needed to be something healthy and within our budget.  I knew that I would be shopping at my local Meijer grocery store.  I go there for most of my groceries because I know that they always have really great prices and some of the best produce around.

Before leaving for the store I went onto the Meijer website to check out the sales ad.  I love that I can go online to see their ad at anytime.  Their ad is bright, bold and really easy to navigate.  I noticed a little box at the bottom of the ad page that said "Clip online. Up to $200 in savings." so I clicked it.  The link took me to a sign up page for Meijer mPerks.  The signup was easy as pie.  All I had to do was click the Create An Account button and fill out a short form including my smart phone info.  I now had an mPerks account!

Meijer mPerks

One of the things that I liked was that I could begin clipping coupons right away.  No weird surveys or hoops to jump through.  I clipped happily away, finding so many great coupons that I could use for my grocery shopping.  I was amazed by how many produce section coupons there were.  It's next to impossible to find good coupons for produce and these were some really nice savings.  Meijer mPerks even gave me a $2 mPerk savings just for signing up!

The first thing I noticed was that mPerks coupons do have expiration dates on them but they are far enough off so there is plenty of time for me to use them.  Each coupon also clearly states whether it is a store or manufacturer coupon.  This is great news because I can stack a manufacturer coupon with a store coupon or vice-versa!  I loved that I didn't have to use some kind of savings card to use mPerks.  I am constantly losing cards but I'll never lose my own phone number.  All I'd ever need was my phone number and pin to use these in the store.  It all sounded pretty easy to me but I wanted to see it in action at the store.

Meijer mPerks

After I was sure I had all the mPerks that I'd want loaded up we hopped into the van and drove to my local Meijer store.  I had all three of my children with me and they were excited to get inside to shop.  My Meijer store is undergoing a big remodel right now but you'd never know it inside because they keep it so quiet and clean.  We grabbed a cart, buckled the 2 year old in the seat and went to search out the groceries on my list.  You can see my whole shopping trip in picture form here in my Google album.

I found everything that I had wanted to get and a couple more items too.  The kids helped to load our items onto the belt and while the cashier rang everything up I entered my mPerks numbers into the credit card terminal.  I watched as my savings loaded onto the screen, it was pretty fun!  I saved $8.25 with my mPerks and overall I saved just about 50% off of everything which is pretty amazing.  I'm so excited about my savings with Meijer and their mPerks!  I am planning to go back to Meijer to use that money that we saved to buy the kids a new soccer ball. 

Meijer mPerks groceries
Meijer mPerks savings

Once I got home I looked over my receipt a bit more and then bragged to the husband.  He was really proud of my extra savings from using Meijer mPerks.  My items ended up rounding out to only $1.29 each!  The kids helped me unload my groceries and bring them to the table for putting away.  I kept out the items that I had planned to use for our family supper.  What was on the menu?  Tex Mex salad was and it was delicious!  The recipe is below.  The ingredient list looks long but do not fear this is so simple to prepare.

Meijer mPerks Tex Mex Salad Recipe

Ingredients needed:
-1 package of Meijer Pico de Gallo
-1 package of Meijer diced tri color bell peppers
-1 can green chilis
-1 to 2 cups of fresh cooked, canned or thawed frozen sweet corn
-1 bunch fresh cilantro
-3 or so sliced Campari tomatoes for sweetness
-1 lime cut into wedges
-1/2 cup ranch dressing
-1 ripe avocado
-1 can drained black beans
-Fresh lettuce - enough for however many you are serving
-4 oz large dice of cheese (I used colby jack)
-1 bag tortilla chip strips
-2 Tbsp sour cream

Meijer mPerks Tex Mex Salad Recipe

How to make your Tex Mex Salads:
1. Grab some cocktail glasses and fill 3/4 of the way with salad greens.  It helped to tear a couple handfuls in half.  I used plates for the kids since that was easier.  They gobbled their salads up in no time!
2. Smash the avocado up in a little bowl and add in 2 tbsp of sour cream, make smooth
3. Have each ingredient in a separate bowl along with a spoon for easy scooping.
4. Have everyone load up their salad with whatever they want.  *We used about 1 tsp of each item.  Squeeze a bit of lime juice over the top for some zest.
5. DONE how easy right?  Now dig in, this is so delicious!

TIP: Use leftover toppings to make baked nachos the next day for lunch or supper!  We took a sheet pan, covered it with tortilla chips and then sprinkled on the toppings.  Bake at 400 for about 8-10 minutes.  Sprinkle on some freshly torn cilantro after taking out.

Don't forget to sign up for Meijer mPerks to maximize your savings!

Meijer mPerks Tex Mex Salad Recipe
Meijer mPerks Tex Mex Salad Recipe

I am a member of the Collective Bias® Social Fabric® Community.  This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias® #CBias #SocialFabric
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