Mama Nibbles: Springtime Butterfly Bento Box #MealsTogether

Springtime Butterfly Bento Box #MealsTogether

     When I was little I can remember sitting at the table playing with my mashed potatoes.  I'd scrape them up into a volcano and have gravy streaming down the sides.  I thought it was pretty cool but my parents not so much.  Most of the time I am the same way with my kids.  They know that the dinner table is for eating and not playing.  That's why I thought I'd surprise them with some playful spring time meal art that you see in the photo below!  Sometimes you just need to let loose and have some fun!  I was pretty sure they would be super surprised that mommy played around with their food.

     I made a trip to Sam's Club to pick up all of my ingredients (see my trip here).  It was pretty easy to locate all of the items that I would need from Sam's Club.  Their signs are really helpful in each isle.  My family makes quick work out of fruit and broccoli is their favorite veggie ever.  With everything that I purchased there I could make quite a few different meals.  I love Sam's Club prices because they really help us to be able to stretch our grocery budget really far.
     I was really happy to find a huge bag of frozen Tyson 100% all natural chicken nuggets.  This bag contains about 23 servings!  The nuggets would be perfect for our bento box meal and many meals in the weeks ahead.   My checkout was fast, the cashier was really friendly and I was on my way out in no time.  That is a super big plus when you are a mom of little children.

     While the 2 year old napped and the older two played outside with their daddy in the yard I got to work.  I was going to play with my kids food!  Our meal included Tyson chicken nuggets, brown rice, broccoli, kiwi, strawberries, tortilla chips, sugar bunnies (cake toppers) and ketchup.  I had a few disposable type plastic containers that I knew would be perfect for a bento box style spring themed fun meals for kids.

     I turned on the oven and baked a few servings worth of chicken nuggets up.  The rest of the ingredients were easy to prepare while the nuggets baked.  I baked my nuggets at 450 F for 12-13 minutes.  My rice took 9 minutes and the broccoli also took 9 minutes.  While the three hot items were cooking that gave me just enough time to cut up the sweet strawberries and kiwis from Sam's Club.  A piece of paper towel helps absorb the juice from all of the fruit.  If you are concerned about your hands staining I'd wear a food safe glove to prepare the fruit.  My fingertips are a bit pink.

     The Tyson chicken nuggets baked up golden brown.  I had to eat one right out of the oven! They smelled so delicious.  The inside was soft, moist and pure chicken breast goodness while the outside was crispy and flavorful.  Tyson chicken nuggets contain 100% natural ingredients that have been minimally processed.  The ingredients are chicken, water, salt and natural flavor.  The outside of the nuggets do contain wheat flour and starch.  I ended up eating three more while I worked on the kids bento boxes (a serving is 4).  By the time I finished their meals I had already eaten my dinner.  I ate all of the scraps and leftovers and man were they good!

     The first step was to fill one side of my container with one serving of the brown rice seasoned with a smidgen of sea salt.  Once the rice was in the bottom I arranged the steamed broccoli along the bottom of the container.  The broccoli is supposed to be like grass or bushes, pretty much whatever they imagine it to be.  On the other side I slipped in a smaller container filled with ketchup for dipping.  Below that is the fruit.  I cut kiwi with a leaf shaped cookie cutter and the strawberries with a flower shape cutter.  The cutters were found at a local craft store.  Now all that was needed was three chicken nuggets at the top and one big butterfly nugget made with two tortilla chips.

     I took the nuggets and cut two slits, one slit on each side of the nugget.  The slits were made so that I would have an easier time sliding my tortilla chips into them.  The chips are the wings and the Tyson chicken nugget would be the body.  It's a simple process because the chicken nugget is very soft inside.  The chips slide right in.  To finish the whole spring themed food art off I added a little sugar bunny rabbit to each meal. 

     By the time I was finished making the three bento boxes my littlest one was up from his nap.  I put some shoes on him and we took the tray of food outside to the picnic table.  Today was a gorgeous spring day out, perfect for a short picnic outdoors.  The kids were super excited about the chicken nuggets looking like butterflies!

     I had so much fun preparing these Spring food art bento box meals for my children!  They ate every last morsel and then asked when I would be making these again.  I guess I'll be doing them tomorrow too, they begged with those big puppy dog eyes that I can't resist.  I really loved how easy it was to make but the best part was how healthy it all was.  I really enjoy all of our family #MealsTogether!

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