Mama Nibbles: Stenciled Spring Butterfly Vase #PlaidStenciling

Stenciled Spring Butterfly Vase #PlaidStenciling

I wrote this post as part of a sponsored campaign with Plaid and The Blueprint Social. All opinions in this post are my own. #plaidstenciling

I was shopping at a thrift store the other day when I spotted a beautiful rectangle shaped vase.  The vase was only $2 and I'd been needing something nice to keep flowers in for my kitchen counter.  I thought it would be a cute piece with something stenciled onto it.  The vase sat around for a couple of weeks before I finally got around to cleaning it.  I used rubbing alcohol and a few cotton balls to make sure it was completely clean and dry.

Around the same time as I had purchased the vase I received a big box filled with Handmade Charlotte stencils, Folk Art acrylic paints and Plaid spouncers.  I had known that at least one of those cute stencils would make its way onto my vase, but which one?  I practiced on my glass vase with a couple of different looks before settling onto the butterflies.  It was easy to wipe the acrylic paint away using the rubbing alcohol and a cotton ball.  Any mistakes will wipe off with ease using this method. 

I attached my stencil to the glass using some regular tape.  I'd heard that painters tape would be great but I didn't have any left in the house.  My regular present wrapping tape worked out just fine.  I didn't need any other tools, the cardboard Handmade Charlotte stencils popped out easily with my fingers.  If you are going to work with a more slender stencil then you may wish to have a craft knife handy.

I used a paper plate for the Folk Art paint and that worked as a great flat surface for the Plaid spouncers.  Ha spouncer is such an odd name isn't it?  My stenciled images turned out better when I lightly spounced the paint on rather that just globbing it on thickly.  A light hand at this is definitely better especially with the slick glass.

My 2 year old decided to help out with a bit of paint spatter while I was rinsing out the spouncers in the kitchen.  I ended up having a good giggle after he looked up at me with his big brown puppy dog eyes exclaiming he had "helped mommy!".  I wiped a good amount of it off but some still remains.  The spatter gives it character and a little memory.  Once my acrylic paint had dried I took a little brush and some craft glue to it so that I could add glitter.  The glitter looks so pretty when the sun hits it.  If you are more artistic you could certainly grab a brush and some more Folk Art acrylics to add more detail.

After the vase had completely dried I wiped the excess glitter off and filled the vase with water.  My children had picked me handfuls of some beautiful yellow daffodils to put inside.  Don't they look beautiful?  I sure do love spring flowers and they were so fitting with my newly stenciled purple and french blue butterflies.  My favorite part about this vase is how you can see the butterflies on the other side.  The Handmade Charlotte stencils sure were fun!

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