Mama Nibbles: Plant Based BabyGanics Hand & Face Wipes

Plant Based BabyGanics Hand & Face Wipes

This is a review with no payment: Financial compensation was not received for this post.  A sample product was gifted from BabyGanicsOpinions expressed here are my own.

My little guy is such a happy little mess maker, I wouldn't have it any other way.  I enjoy letting my children just be kids.  Part of being a kid is being a bit messy.  The only hard part can be the cleaning up.  He has sensitive skin on his cute cherub face and wiping him can be harsh.  I used to always use a damp paper towel or wash cloth but his cheeks would break out in little bumps from those.  If the goo had dried on his face then it would be a little wrestling match of me trying to hold him still while I wiped, not fun!  It gets even harder when we are away from home.  I needed something disposable that I could take with me to get him cleaned up.

BabyGanics send me some of their new Hand & Face wipes to try out.  The wipes are fragrance free and free of all the bad stuff like sulfates and toxins.  We especially love that the wipes are made with natural plant based ingredients. 

The Hand & Face wipes have a great soft texture.  The raised bumps make sure that you clean every nook and cranny with less swipes.  Less swipes equals less irritation to my little one's face.  I thought that the moisture level of each wipe was perfect, not too wet and not too dry.  The recloseable pouch is great because you can easy peel the sticker up, take a wipe and then seal it all shut.  The package fits easily into my diaper bag or purse.  Each wipe is the perfect size for cleaning the whole face and even the hands of my toddler.  With 30 wipes per pack these will last me for a long time.

Little dude was so happy that mommy did not have to scrub and scrub his soft little cheekies.  It took me only a couple of swipes to clean the dried on snack goop off of his face.  He was fresh and clean with no tears!  Furthermore his face did not break out at all.  I love using BabyGanics Hand & Face wipes and totally recommend them to all moms.

You can find out more about BabyGanics here on their website or follow them on Facebook to stay connected here.  Also check out their fragrance free sunscreen spray and Deet free insect repellent, we swear by them!  BabyGanics is also a sponsor to Healthy Child Healthy World - find out more here.

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