Mama Nibbles: Easy Summertime Family Meals With Schwan's

Easy Summertime Family Meals With Schwan's

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School is almost out for the kids and summer backyard grilling has my name written all over it.  I just recently won a huge gazebo for my back yard and then I scored the sweetest deal on an outdoor lounge set off of Craigslist.  Once everything else comes together our backyard is going to be the perfect hangout space all summer long.  My husband has his grill set up in the backyard and he sure does love to grill!

I recently found out that Schwan's has a ton of dinnertime items that are perfect for grilling season.  You can find everything over at Schwan's Grilling Central here:  They have everything to satisfy your grilling cravings including New York strip steak, natural casing wieners, turkey mignon, boneless skinless chicken breast, tilapia, mahi mahi, roasted peppers and onions, root beer float bars, cotton candy push 'ems, real fruit smoothies, and so much more.  Watch out when you go onto their website, it will make you hungry!

So after browsing the website thoroughly I placed a decent sized order to be delivered on the date and time that I wanted.  I like that you can have your Schwan's guy leave your order in a designated space, he puts it all in special freezer bags (everything comes frozen) for a small fee.  So if I have a hectic day and will not be home in time to meet him at the door I still get to have my order.  Their website is so easy to use, checkout is a flash.

For dinner the other night I pulled out a package of Schwan's Seasoned Fully Cooked Pork Spare Ribs, Krunchie Potato Wedges, Mini Super Sweet Corn on the Cob, Southern Style Biscuits, Double Lemon Supreme Pie, and Raspberry Lemonade Beverage Frozen Concentrate.  It happened to be raining the day I made this delicious dinner so we couldn't grill out.  I turned on the oven and wrapped my ribs up in tinfoil then placed them onto a sheet pan to bake according to the package instructions.  The pie was thawed overnight in the fridge and I cooked the rest when there was about 30 minutes left on the clock for the ribs.  The instructions are very clear on each package.  I love that the potato wedges and biscuits were resealable!

The Raspberry Lemonade Beverage was not quite was I was expecting.  I guess I wanted more of a raspberry flavor.  That's not saying it wasn't good once I got past that though.  It's just not for me but the rest of my family said it was very refreshing.  If you do not like something Schwan's offers a Satisfaction Guarantee.  Schwan's will replace your item or send you a refund if for any reason you are not 100% satisfied.

Schwan's biscuits started as little frozen pucks and baked up into the most superb biscuit.  The whole house began to smell buttery and bacony (from the ribs).  I pulled them out exactly when they were a nice golden color on the top.  Seriously these were the best frozen biscuits I've ever tasted, my family went gaga over them.  Now I must flood your eyes with pictures of delicious ribs starting with uncooked and ending with cooked.

The ribs looked small at first but once we started digging in we realized that there was a ton of meat on those babies!  The meat was extremely tender, juicy, so flavorful and I am still thinking about them they were that good.  The sauce that comes along with these was sweet, smoky with a slight hint of spice.  These were better than a favorite rib joint of mine.  The meat just fell off of the bone and melted in my mouth.  I am so ordering these again and again!

The bright yellow corn on the cob was the star of the show for my kids.  The corn turned out perfect and all I did was bring them to a boil then simmer.  Each kernel burst with a super sweet flavor.  It was outstanding.

The Krunchie Potato Wedges complimented our meal expertly.  The wedges were crunchy with a soft center and the seasoning was peppery with a slight paprika flavor.  The kids were gobbling their servings up right quick.  If you are a potato lover then these are for you.  Next time I make these I plan to smother them in cheese sauce and serve with a huge side of broccoli.

Last was the star of the show, the lemon pie.  I'm a lover of any dessert with lemon and this pie is really packed with it.  The bottom part is a creamy lemon curd type filling which is tart.  Once you taste the tartness your tongue is then greeted by the creamy whipped topping.  It's such a rich and decadent pie but still fluffy and light.  The graham cracker crust had a splendid crunch and then there was a sprinkle of it over the top of the pie.  A perfect dessert to end the perfect meal with. 

My family was so impressed with all of the items we chose from Schwan's.  The quality is impressive and the prices are fair.  Not having to trudge to the grocery store is really nice once in a while.  The convenience of Schwan's is beyond compare.

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