Mama Nibbles: Family Vacation with Wi-Fi Direct Samsung WB200

Family Vacation with Wi-Fi Direct Samsung WB200

I am a member of the Collective Bias Social Fabric community.  As part of a sponsored post I bought a Samsung WB200 camera to try out with my family during our summer vacation adventures.  We spent this past weekend having an amazing time in the Chicago area.  We visited Medieval Times, Shedd Aquarium, Lego Land, Ikea and some great spots to grab a bite to eat.

When I was about 10 years old I received my very first camera.  We had nothing that even came close to the super compact tech cameras that are available nowadays.  I remember that it was a long rectangular shape and of course it took 35mm film that had to be moved forward by a little dial.  I took so many pictures that my parents had to tell me to slow down because the processing of the film was costing them a small fortune.  My cat Rusty was my biggest subject.  Rusty was always doing something cute or funny and so I would follow him around the house and carefully snap photos.  I have great memories of that camera and have since been a lover of photography.  Photography is something that anyone can enjoy.

The camera that I have used for the last year was starting having some issues and the warranty had already expired.  I looked into getting it fixed but the company wanted me to pay too much money, enough to buy a new camera.  So I did just that, bought a new camera!  The Samsung WB200 is beautiful and sleek with great connectivity, a powerful zoom, and touch technology.  I love the bright white color(also comes in blue or red), it's so clean looking and really stands out.  It's a compact system camera that is a breeze to use.  I bought my new camera at Walmart, you can see my entire shopping trip here.  I paid for my camera online and then picked it up at the store that very same day.  For some reason my store had the cameras there but they were not on display yet.  I opted for the 3 years of extra warranty coverage and that was only nineteen dollars.

Samsung WB200F

I was so happy to find out that the Samsung WB200 has a Wi-Fi chip which enables live sharing of your images on Facebook, Youtube or Picasa..  I love sharing my pictures and videos via social media.  I have family that I do not get to see as often as we would like and so sharing on Facebook or YouTube is a must.  Wi-Fi sharing helped a lot while we were on vacation in Chicago.  I had my little wireless hot spot in the van and anytime I wanted to share a cool picture I just uploaded it right to Facebook without even opening my laptop!  I could even add a caption if I wanted.  My family and friends got to share in our Chicago vacation experience instantly, so cool!

The battery that comes with this camera has a long life, it lasted me the entire day and then some.    After a long day of fun I simply plugged my Samsung in and when I woke up she was fresh for the next day.  It goes right into a little compartment on the bottom of the camera which locks shut.

The lens on this camera is quite spectacular with its long zoom.  This baby can really zoom out there and capture things that are quite far away.  The touch screen is really nice and the display screen is huge.  We were walking around outside the Shedd Aquarium, just taking in the sights when I saw an adorable bird perched on a tree.  I pulled out my camera and took a few quick pictures with the auto setting enabled.  That cute little bird looks as if he was looking right at me. 

After capturing the bird I decided to give the sweeping panorama setting a go.  I captured a large amount of the Chicago skyline and then some.  The panoramic view is quite cool, it really captures the feel of the moment in a single sweeping motion.  Click the photo below to see it bigger.

While we enjoyed our Medieval Times feast we got to watch the knights joust and sword fight.  My Samsung camera had no problem adjusting to the low light conditions.  Every photo came out perfect just using the auto mode.  I liked that I did not have to even think about adjusting anything for low light photography.

While we were at the Shedd Aquarium we caught a quick show.  Before the show began my little's went up to the front to watch the dolphins swim.  I used the silhouette feature on the camera to capture them.  I thought that the sun was so pretty coming in through the huge wall of windows.  Their little outlines as they stood there are so precious, a moment to remember forever.

The next morning on our way to Lego Land we stopped at a phenomenal pancake place.  I ordered a plate of hazelnut chocolate spread, candied walnut, caramelized cinnamon bananas, and creme anglaise pancake.  The camera expertly captured my plate of delectable breakfast.  The photo is very clear which is perfect for foodie photography.  I want to feel like I can smell and taste the picture I am looking at.

At Lego Land I used the motion capture mode a lot.  My kiddos were always moving around and it would have been hard to capture a good clear picture without the motion feature.  They sure did have a ton of fun on a peddling/flying ride.  I think they rode this several times in a row, it was a favorite for them.  This thing was flying around quite fast but my Samsung caught a clear shot for me no problem.

Before we went back home to Michigan we stopped for lunch at a White Castle.  It was our first time eating at one and we were all pretty excited about it!  I love taking pictures of new food.  The burgers ended up being really delicious and I took a ton of pictures.  It was the perfect ending to a perfect family vacation.  I am so happy that I got to take my new Samsung camera on our little adventure.

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