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Juice Beauty Organic CC Cream

I was provided with a trial size and full size sample to help facilitate my beauty review.  I was not paid for this post.  All opinions are my own and I would not post unless I loved Juice Beauty organic CC Cream. 

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This summer beauty is all about the nude and natural face.  Using what God gave us to the fullest of our advantage.  I've been following the most popular YouTube makeup gurus and most of them have been doing lots of natural fresh faced tutorials.  A nude glowy look is so beautiful but if your skin isn't in its best condition it can be difficult to pull it off.  This is why I like Juice Beauty Organic Stem Cellular Repair CC Cream with SPF 30.  This CC cream is available in two shades that will blend in with any skin color.

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My skin has a few problem areas that's for sure!  My skin has been a bit dry, a few fine lines have shown up, and I feel like I've lost some of my natural glow.  I'm a 31 year old mom of three and definitely wanting to look my best.  Juice Beauty's CC Cream has been a life saver for my face.  I have noticed that my skin is smoother, more toned and it feels moisturized which minimizes those fine lines.  The glow is back which makes me look more refreshed and youthful.  I've been using the Natural Glow color which blends perfectly with my lighter skin tone.

The Juice Beauty CC Cream formula is creamy, soft and blends onto the skin like a dream.  This CC cream contains grape seed oil, Vitamin C, organic ingredients and pure essential fruit oils.  I love that it has SPF 30!  It has a very light and pleasant scent to it, might sound weird but I swear it has a light Fruity Pebbles scent.  I have even used this as a primer when I wear heavier makeup and it keeps my face looking flawless. 

The first thing I do is start off with a clean dry face.  I take my organic CC Cream and apply it in a sweeping motion on my forehead then a few dabs over my cheeks, nose, and chin.  With clean fingers I sweep it upwards being careful to cover my whole face.  I pat it under and over my eyes being more delicate around that area.  Once it's on I sweep a bit of powder over my face and I'm good to go.  I usually add a swipe of mascara and a dab of lip balm to finish my look.  Nothing feels better than a practically naked face!

After two months of fairly regular use my skin is radiant, glowing, more evenly toned, not as dry, softer, and just beautiful.  I feel gorgeous!  Juice Beauty has definitely improved my skin's health.

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