Mama Nibbles: Blue Bunny New Ice Cream Review + US Giveaway

Blue Bunny New Ice Cream Review + US Giveaway

Blue Bunny sent me a whole ice chest filled with their awesome treats for review.  I was not paid for doing this review.  All opinions are 100% my own.

First off let's just say that ice cream is my #2 favorite food in the entire world, pizza is #1.  As a kid I can remember my dad bringing a carton of ice cream to the dinner table.  He would carefully scoop it out between my sisters with great ceremony.  He would unfold the box to scrape every last bit out for himself.  This was the ritual every time.  As a family we loved ice cream, we'd all gather around it.  My dad never bought the low quality stuff, it had to be the best.  We didn't have it all the time but when we did it was really special.

Now with my own family we have ice cream probably 2-3 times per month.  I make sure that I only buy the best tasting ice cream.  Why waste money on something that doesn't taste phenomenal?  I've discovered that Blue Bunny is definitely worth every penny.  Their ice creams are all high quality, creative, and there is a flavor for almost every sweet tooth.  I hope you will enjoy my review!

First up my family dove into the Blue Bunny Premium Caramel Fudge Sundae [new 2013].  This is a Duff Goldman creation and even though it isn't cake themed it still rocks.  This contains chewy, fudge, moist brownie bits strewn throughout a chocolate and low fat caramel ice cream swirl.  To take it over the top it is loaded with a buttery caramel ribbon.  To me this mostly tasted like milk chocolate, no complaints here though.  My favorite part was digging around to find the buttery caramel ribbon.  When they say buttery they mean BUTTERY, it's amazing caramel.  None of the brownie bits were bigger than a nickel but their rich dark chocolatey flavor more than made up for their size.  We finished off this ice cream far too fast but it was way too good!  As you can see from the picture, I barely got a picture before it was all gone.  This was my most favorite out of everything we tried.  I have to also mention that I love the packaging with re-closeable top.  No more leaking boxes in my freezer!

Also new for 2013:
-Triple Delight Premium Ice Cream Bars
-Mini Swirls Caramel Ice Cream Cones
-Birthday Cake Premium Ice Cream Bars
-Cadbury English Toffee Ice Cream Bars

The kids went crazy over the bars and mini swirl cones.  The cones are the perfect size for little hands and the perfect portion size for those watching their diet.  I found that the ice cream bar cookie outside did get a little bit sticky and soft on the fingers after only a few seconds.  The creamy ice cream that was inside was glorious!  We all agreed that the birthday cake bar was our most favorite, it really did taste like cake and ice cream.  The triple delights was good but we felt that it could have used a bit more of a strawberry flavor in the pink section.  My husband tried to hide the english toffee bars for himself ha!.  He loves the crunchy bits of real toffee that was hidden inside of the chocolate coating. 

The frozen yogurts were a great surprise.  I did not even know that they were frozen yogurt until I saw the carton.  My husband brought me a small scoop as a late night snack of the Blue Bunny All Natural frozen Yogurt Chocolate Fudge Brownie.  I dove in and started raving about the creaminess and flavor.  He told me it was frozen yogurt then my jaw dropped!  You can't even tell that you are eating something that is lower fat Blue Bunny did well.  The chewy fudge brownie chunks are heavenly in this lighter option.  At only 130 calories per serving this is a dessert that you can enjoy without the guilt.

If you want to stock up on these delicious frosty treats then perhaps you would like a coupon to help you out?  Go HERE and look for the coupon to print for some great savings plus see all the NEW ice cream treats they have to offer.  Also check out Blue Bunny's Facebook page here to stay up to date on the latest.  Click the banner on their website home page to enter to win a $100 gift card from Blue Bunny in honor of their 100 year celebration!

Don't forget to come back here and enter to WIN a coupon for a FREE Blue Bunny ice cream product of your choice!  A coupon for a freebie will be mailed to 2 winners.  US only, ends 7/20 12 am EST.

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