Mama Nibbles: Muller Yogurt by Quaker Review + Giveaway US

Muller Yogurt by Quaker Review + Giveaway US

I was sent samples of Muller yogurts to help facilitate my review.  I was not paid to write this review.  All opinions are 100% my own.

Quite recently I discovered that my local grocery store (Meijer) had began carrying Muller yogurt from Quaker.  I had been hoping to one day see it in the US after a friend who went to Europe told me about it.  Quaker makes Muller Corner, Muller Greek Corner and Muller FrutUp in 16 different flavors.

I contacted Quaker Muller and asked them to send me some of their yogurt so that I might review them for my blog, they happily obliged!  They sent me a large box filled to the top!  I was not paid for writing this in any way just so you know, I truly love their yogurt.  All opinions in this post are my own.  If you want to find out where you can buy these delicious yogurts then you may use the product locator here.

Muller Corner is pretty much my kid's most favorite snack.  They like being in control and getting to flip the corner filled with yummy goodness into the silky yogurt corner.  They love the little chocolate balls Corner.  I just like that these are low fat with full fat flavor and the add-in corner flavors are superb!  The Corner currently comes in strawberry, blueberry, chocolate balls, chocolate flakes, crunchy granola, and crispy crunch.  The strawberry was my most favorite and at just 2 grams of fat, 140 calories it is the perfect breakfast or snack.  The strawberry puree tastes absolutely fresh and its not too sweet, it's very natural tasting to me.

I did not receive samples of the Muller Greek Corner yogurts but I do plan to buy them all soon!  Their packaging looks pretty much the same as the Muller Corner.  The Greek version comes in caramelized almonds, strawberry, raspberry&blackberry, and honeyed apricot.  I tried the honeyed apricot the other day and it was pure heaven!  I do believe that Sam's Club carries a club pack of these and I will definitely be buying that if I see it there!  The candied apricot only contains 2 grams of fat and it is 130 calories.  These are a delicious treat for anyone watching what they eat.

I had already enjoyed the Muller FrutUp in the flavor peach passion fruit before this review.  That flavor literally stunned my taste buds because it was so absolutely delicious.  It's like biting into the most perfectly ripe mango and peach at the same time.  I cannot tell you how much I love that flavor!  Every time I go to the store it is sold out which means others have caught on to its deliciousness.  I might just need to ask the store to order me my own case.  The other flavors are equally delicious and consist of: Splendid Strawberry, Radiant Raspberry, Blueberry Bliss, Luscious Lemon (tastes like lemon meringue pie to me!), Very Cherry, Mango, and Orange.

Muller has invited me to give away 10 coupons for FREE Muller products to 1 winner!  Because of restrictions on coupons for dairy products in some states, coupons are not valid in CA, CO, CT, LA, MN, ND, NJ, NV, TN, WI.  If you reside in one of those states please do not enter.

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