Mama Nibbles: #Sponsored I'm Never Ever Getting Out of my Shower...EVER! #T3Source

#Sponsored I'm Never Ever Getting Out of my Shower...EVER! #T3Source

I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for T3. I received a product sample to facilitate my review and as a thank you for participating.” #T3Source #Sponsored

Our household uses city water.  For drinking water we use a filter unit because we were concerned about bad things going into our bodies.  For some reason I have never thought about our shower.  With three children, my husband and myself all using the shower daily we use a lot of water.  All of that water contains a lot of chlorine.  Don't people say how skin is our biggest organ?  So all of that chlorine is just cascading over our hair and skin every day.  The thought of it is kind of scary when you think about it.  I was aware of the chorine but not thinking about it like I should have been.  I needed a shower head that would filter it out!

I am so glad to have been given the opportunity to try out the T3 Source Hand-Held Showerhead because it has a special filter inside.  My husband had been coming out of the shower with little hives after every shower before we got the new showerhead installed.  He now never once has that problem and only after one use.  I have always kind of wondered if he was having a reaction to the chlorine.  I myself used to have such dull hair unless I put a lot of product in it.  Now with the T3 I have shinier hair with less flyaways which means I use less product.  I just love the results we have gotten just from using this!

My husband is not so much a handy man but I asked him to help install the hand-held shower head just the same.  I read through the user guide that came inside the box.  I don't usually read instructions but I didn't want us to mess up the install.  I noticed that the unit comes with its own plumbing tape which saves a trip to the hardware store.  Unwrapping everything was really simple.  I was really happy that there weren't a ton of wires or fasteners to undo.

The T3 filter is such an amazing little thing!  At first I was wondering how a filter that lasts up to four months would fit inside.  I just couldn't believe it.  It's so small but it does so much.  That tiny filter filled with copper, zinc, and calcium removes up to 95% off chlorine from our water.  I can definitely tell that it is working up to what they say it does from our amazing results we have gotten.  It's so clever how the T3 filter fits right into the handle.

The T3 hand-held showerhead is a thing of beauty and sophistication.  When it was done being installed in the bathroom, all of my three children ran in to check it out.  They were exclaiming about how we had the best shower ever.  It was so cute seeing them get all excited.  I was pretty excited myself and the install was a cinch!  Once my husband took off the old shower fixture it was literally a 2 minute install of the new one.

Step 1 remove old shower head.  Pliers may be needed.  Also remove any old plumbers tape.
Wrap a bit of the included plumbers tape around the end of your pipe. The filter also comes with a convenient peel off to write down the date.  I stuck it on the bathroom mirror as a reminder.
Tighten the 1st part called the shower arm bracket with your hands then lightly with the pliers.  Then I took the filter with seals removed and locked it into the handle.
We took the tape and plastic covers off of the hose.  I had the black gasket stick to it so that's something to be paying attention to.
Next we threaded the smaller end of the hose onto the shower bracket arm.
After that it was threading the other longer fitted end of the hose onto the handle and ta-da!  We had our new hand-held shower head installed!  Literally 2 minutes of "work" - SO EASY

Once the T3 Source shower filter hand-held was installed my husband and I looked at each other and both said, "that's it?!" at the exact same time!  It was so funny.  We both thought it would be so difficult but it was easier than putting socks on.  I turned the hot water on and we let it go for 5 minutes to flush the filter.  We were ready to shower!  

My favorite spray setting out of the 8 different spray settings has to be the massage.  The massage spray setting feels amazing on the scalp and shoulders.  My toddler loves it when I use the fine spray setting which is almost like a mist.  His delicate skin doesn't like a full powered spray.  I love being able to use the handheld to rinse him down, it makes my job so much easier.  The hose is plenty long enough to reach all the way to the back of the tub.  My husband enjoys the massage full spray setting because it soothes his tired muscles after a long day of work.  Our older two children use the medium spray setting.  They like that one because it is not to hard on their skin but it helps them rinse easily.  This is one really excellent shower head that I would recommend to anyone.  It's great for the whole family!

For additional information on the T3 Source Shower Filter, please visit 

I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for T3. I received a product sample to facilitate my review and as a thank you for participating.” #T3Source #Sponsored

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