Mama Nibbles: #lovebrewoverice Let's Brew Over Ice Review and Giveaway

#lovebrewoverice Let's Brew Over Ice Review and Giveaway

Disclosure: I was sent free products for being part of the Brew Crew.  I was not paid to write this post.  All opinions are my own.

I only recently got a little Keurig brewing system of my own.  I literally hugged my brewer when I first got it, jumped up and down with excitement for a bit and then finally started brewing with it.  I love how easy it is and the K-Cup flavors that are available are really delicious.  There is just something satisfying about sitting down, popping in a K-Cup and within a minute I have a fresh brewed cup of joe or whatever it is I wish to drink.

When I am in the mood for an iced beverage I love brewing over ice with my Keurig.  I just fill a mug or glass with ice, pop in a K-Cup that is made for over ice and enjoy in my Keurig tumbler.  My favorite K-Cup as of late has been the Vitamin Burst in strawberry pomagranate.  It's so fresh tasting, like sun ripened strawberries.  The extra benefit of vitamin C made me feel energized.  The brew over ice K-Cups are made to be stronger because you serve them over ice.  Part of the ice did melt when I brewed.  All of the brew over ice K-Cups are low in sugar and specially calibrated to brew the most perfect beverage.  I loved having a nice cool drink after a long walk.

I like playing little online games and getting free high value coupons!  I recently entered the "Brew Over Ice Sweepstakes" at  I printed a nice $2 coupon for some K-Cups. 

I hope you will enter to win a really fun gift package filled with fun things for your Keurig!

One US winner will get the following items:
-3 Brew Over Ice K-Cup® samples (value: $4)
-1 Brew Over Ice tumbler, 4 Brew Over Ice coasters and 1 Brew Over Ice light-up ice bucket with ice tongs (value: $22)

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