Mama Nibbles: McCain Grocery Goodness Giveaway

McCain Grocery Goodness Giveaway

I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for McCain Foods. I received a sample to facilitate my review as well as a promotional item as a thank-you for participating.”

At least 4 times a week my family enjoys potatoes in one form or another.  Potatoes make an excellent side dish and sometimes they even become the main event of the meal.  I love how versatile potatoes can be and the whole fam loves them so much!  Frozen potato products make mealtime even more exciting and McCain has so many different options.  Family meal time is an important family gathering time for us because we all sit at the table together to eat and share about our day.  Even when life gets busy we can always connect during that time.

I enjoy using McCain potatoes in different recipes.  Sometimes I top my casseroles with some McCain Smiles.  I have made McCain potatoes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and even snacks.  The Smiles are our fave and I love how easy they are to make.  The "easy open bag" is something I like, I only wish the bag was resealable too.  I just turn the oven on, let it preheat and then it's 6-8 minutes to pure joy!  The kids' faces light up as we dip and eat our little smiley faces.  I love the memories we make together and McCain Smiles make my family feel special.

The reason we love McCain is because their products are made with natural ingredients.  The flavor is always delicious, and like I said previously they are so convenient and fast.  There is a different McCain product for every different taste.  Our family most enjoys the Smiles and so I always have a bag or three in the big freezer.  If friends come over they are an easy snack and you can dip them in almost anything.

A quick and easy meal for my 3 year old is a handful of McCain Smiles, some ketchup, half an apple and a green smoothie.  He gobbles it up and smiles the whole time!  I just love making my little guy happy.

McCain Grocery Goodness Giveaway
McCain Potatoes is running a Facebook Contest where they will select 1 winner each week (8 winners total) to receive a $500 grocery store gift card!  Contestants can also check out the Grocery Goodness Giveaway tab for to receive a $1 off coupon off any 1 bag of McCain Potato products!  Go here to enter!

Load up on groceries your family loves, and bring naturally good moments to the dinner table every time you serve McCain Potatoes.
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