Mama Nibbles: #PlusSize #OOTD #Momstyle

#PlusSize #OOTD #Momstyle

Thanks to 55lb weightloss this year I've been starting to enjoy clothes again.  Shoes fit my feet better and my curves have begun to emerge!  I used to be quite the curvy hourglass figured girl several years back.  I am so excited to be feeling healthier even though there is still a ways to go before I reach my goal.

I figured it would be fun to post an outfit of the day on my blog every so often.  Maybe someone will draw some inspiration from posts like this.  I know that I draw a lot of inspiration of of others that post this sort of thing.  I am by no means a fashion queen but I do love to thrift shop, find the deals, and put together looks.  Lots of random strangers have been telling me that I look really cute lately so maybe I'm doing okay!  That paired with my new found love for makeup.  I used to be such a tomboy but these days as I enter my early 30's I feel very girly.

I apologize for the clothing pictures being kind of dark but it was a rainy day and I only had the auto feature on my camera to use since there wasn't anybody around.  I promise future ootd pics will be better!

Brown Wide Calf Boots - Woman Within
Black Open Front Cardi - De Portfolio - found at a thrift shop
Teal Tunic Sweater - Lane Bryant
Black Jersey Leggings - Old Navy
Silver Leaf Earrings - Mossimo by Target

Hair is in a messy poof LOL with hair wrapped around the tie to hide it.  I winged my eyeliner out just a bit and that is Physicians formula 2-in-1 black.  Blush is Benefit Havana and I love it!  If you have any questions leave me a comment!
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