Mama Nibbles: QUICK Halloween Ghosts in the Trees Tutorial w/ Dollar Tree Supplies

QUICK Halloween Ghosts in the Trees Tutorial w/ Dollar Tree Supplies

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This is not sponsored or anything, just a quick project I completed last night to make my house look eerie for those special trick-or-treaters we get every year!  My quick and easy flickering light balloon ghosts are so easy to make, a great project for the kids.  I have ours hanging in the trees and they look so perfectly spooky in the dark as they flicker!  Because the lights only last about 240 hours these can only be made a couple of days before Halloween but once the lights go out they still look cool.

To make six ghosts you will need (all of this was purchased at Dollar Tree):
6 latex balloons preferably white or clear but any light color will do, I had yellow and pink
3 white plastic table cloths, I used the round ones cut in half for mine
6 -240 hour battery powered flickering votive lights
6 yards cut into 1 yard lengths white organza type ribbon or some string
black permanent marker
bottle of Krazy Glue, any tacky glue will do
small stapler (optional) I used it to further secure ribbon to balloon

Step 1: turn lights on then stretch mouth of balloon with fingers and slide the light inside carefully

Step 2: blow balloon up and then tie off tightly

Step 3: Cut round plastic tablecloths in half from the fold to the curve then cut the raw curved edge into strips for the creepy flowing bottom of the ghost

Step 4: Tie 1 yard of ribbon or string to the balloon lip

Step 5: Put a swirl of glue on about 1/3 of the top half of the balloon closest to the lip of the balloon.  Press the uncut edge of the table cloth around the balloon continuing to place glue until it is surrounded.  I stapled the edges around the balloon lip to the tip of the lip with the ribbon just to further secure it from the wind

Step 6: Draw eyes and mouth or whatever face you wish onto the table cloth outside of the ghost.  This is where my kids helped out the most!  They had fun drawing on some creepy faces.

Step 7: Hang your flickering ghosts up outside or inside!  We hung ours from branches in the trees outside.  Watch out if you use a ladder though (I know from experience) don't fall, have a buddy hold it up for you.

*The lights last for about 240 hours so only put these up max 2 nights before Halloween if you want them to still be flashing for the trick-or-treaters!

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