Mama Nibbles: The Secret Language #SLNME

The Secret Language #SLNME

What's my secret language name?  The other day I spent some time on a website called The Secret Language.  The website helps you find out the essence of your personality traits.  This has nothing to do with astrology but instead the data has been gathered from over 20,000 people during a 40 year empirical study and then organized.  This is NOT your grandmother's astrology!  The website is based on three books with over 6 million copies in print in 15 different languages.

It was interesting to find out the secret names for myself, my friend and my husband.  My secret language name was The Versatile Reactor.  I was born on September 29th 1981.  I entered my birth date into the drop down menu and clicked for my free results.

Everything that I read was pretty much spot on.  I am like "the eye of a hurricane" and I oscillate between very intense or relaxed behavior.  I was given some great advice about diet and exercise.  I do need to eat a more balanced and simple diet, it was good to be reminded of that.  Some of the helpful advice I was given was: gain self-confidence, organize my life but maintain spontaneity, and put my talents to good use.

My secret language also revealed that most people born in the same week I was have similar traits: attractiveness, cool, scathing, and repressed.  The advice given said that I needed to accept the mistakes I make in life and stop trying to be such a perfectionist.  I was also advised to stop procrastinating...that's a big one for me!  This knows me so well!  Each language name page will list: about, day, week, path, way, month, and season.  Each of those seven categories then outlines in full detail your language name and traits, advice, energy, advice and more.

My friend was born on October 24th 1985.  She was described as a dramatic person that has a painstaking attention to detail.  Her traits were listed as: jealous, dramatic, magnetic, overstressed, claiming, and magnetic.  I can't really speak for her but I will say that she has always seemed like a high stress person and she is definitely very dramatic whether she wants to admit it or not.  The advice given for her was that she needs to learn to let things alone sometimes, and she doesn't need to understand everything or control it.  Somehow I feel like her secret language was hit square on the nail.  She needs to relax, have more fun and stop being so picky. 

Another useful tool on the website is the Relationship Language Checker!  I tried it out using mine and my husband's birth dates.  The information here was really interesting.  We do tend to butt heads a bit but always end up forgiving and being agreeable.  Our personalities are so different but our love works and will continue to work.  So far we have been married just one and a half months shy of 11 years.  We just need to keep maintaining the respect and openness of our relationship.

I highly recommend visiting SLN and finding out what the secret language name is for you and your friends.  In every secret language you get to find out what celebrities and historical figures are most like you so that is a fun bonus!  Watch the video below, Taylor Swift calls "Birthday Book" accurate and she says it was the best gift she got last year.

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.
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