Mama Nibbles: Ad: Corn Dog Snacks Dipped in Chocolate

Ad: Corn Dog Snacks Dipped in Chocolate

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The holidays have been crazy busy for us.  We have been going to parties left and right, getting together with family on both sides, shopping, and spending lots of time with the kids since they are on vacation.  My husband works between seventy to seventy-five hours a week which makes planning that much more difficult.  Luckily I do not live too far from my favorite Sam's Club.  If I need some quick party snacks or gifts I just go there.  A couple of weeks ago I was shopping in the frozen section and I found some delicious looking corn dogs from Country Ribbon.  These were located with a lot of other appetizer type foods.  We love a good corndog here and the "Made With Real Honey" written on the box definitely caught my eye.

#GetCorny #ad #cbias
#GetCorny #ad #cbias

I bought a box of the Country Ribbon Mini Corn Dogs because those are the perfect size for a party and really cute with mini serving forks in them.  I thought it would be really fun to serve them with some melted chocolate for dipping.  Savory and salty go really well with sweet and I wanted something different from the ordinary.  Trust me on this one, you may think it's weird but it tastes really good.  When I got home I pulled out my deep fryer to cook the little corn dogs in but the package also says you can microwave or bake them.

#GetCorny #ad #cbias

For the melted chocolate, I stuck a bowl of chocolate chips into the microwave for a minute, I was planning on stirring it halfway through.  One of the kids needed help with something and so I walked off to help then about 60 seconds later we heard a loud BOOM!  I ran to the microwave and discovered the chocolate chips were burnt and my bowl had literally exploded!  Luckily nobody was hurt and the microwave was fine so I had a good laugh over it.  Ha!  Burnt chocolate is a terrible smell, that is for sure.

So the problem now was that I was fresh out of chocolate chips.  I went through my pantry and discovered a jar of chocolate hazelnut butter that miraculously nobody had even touched.  I dipped a corn dog into it and had a taste test, it was really good.  The show could go on!  I microwaved the dip in a bowl for 30 seconds to warm it up a bit.

I had some neat little bamboo skewer type things that I stuck into each mini corn dog and then I just set those all onto a plate surrounding the bowl filled with warm chocolate hazelnut dip.  Guests could simply pluck one up and give it a quick swim in the dip before devouring.  I love to keep my guests happy with this protein filled snack idea.

#GetCorny #ad #cbias
#GetCorny #ad #cbias
#GetCorny #ad #cbias
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Be sure to contact your local Sam's Club to see if they are participating in an instore demo of this product.  The Country Ribbon Corn Dog demos will be happening on 1/3 and 1/4 of 2014.

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