Mama Nibbles: How I Lost Weight the Healthy Way

How I Lost Weight the Healthy Way

Okay so this post has been a long time in the making, pretty much a whole year to be exact!  I am not being paid in any way to write this post and all opinions are my own.  eMeals did provide me with a one year subscription to a plan in exchange for sharing here and there about them.  I am writing this to share my own weight struggle and hopefully help someone else that is in my same situation.  I do not mean to offend anybody in any way.  It is important to love yourself how you are but I think it is also important to be healthy.

A young mom, 305 lbs and so unhappy in my own skin.

I will start by coming right out with it, I used to weigh 305 lbs (I think maybe I was even up to 308)!  It happened slowly over time from years of bad eating habits and choices.  Yes I said it right that was three-hundred-and-five-pounds YIKES!  I could barely walk out the door without huffing and puffing.  Clothing was something I wore to not be naked even if I looked like a blob.   I really did not care what my hair or face looked like any more.  I had let myself GO but I was screaming inside, I didn't want to be like that.  All that weight made me pull back from the world and I'd shut myself up in the house barely leaving for groceries or to pick up the kids from school.

For years I would starve myself daily and then when everyone was in bed I'd stuff my face with junk because I was starving.  If I ate too much the night before then that next day I'd starve myself for at least 24 hours.  Sometimes at night after a couple days of not eating I would eat a whole frozen pizza and then go to the bathroom to force myself into throwing up.  I didn't know what I was doing!  I thought that starvation would produce weight loss, I thought I had a good plan.  This was until the day my doctor weighed me, the number on the scale scared me.  I needed to change not only for myself but for my children.  I love my three children so much and they deserved a healthier mom.  I deserved to live a long healthy life.  I absolutely LOVE life and have so many plans for my future.

I will become healthier

I have always heard that losing weight slowly was the best way to keep it off and that definitely rings true.  In the past quick weight loss tricks and diets had the weight come off fast but I would also gain it back really fast.  I set a 60 lb loss goal for all of 2013.  I am SO proud and excited to say that I am just 2 lbs away from meeting my goal and I still have just over three more weeks to do it!  I am now 247 lbs which means I have lost a grand total of 58 lbs.  It doesn't stop there though.  I was all the way up to a size 32 pant and 5xl shirt and now I am down to probably a size 20/22 pant and a 2xl shirt.  Even my feet have lost weight.  I can wear the shoes that I always wanted to wear, the cute boots that I so longingly would stare at in the stores, even socks feel better on my feet.  It's just crazy to me how different I feel.

I now do my hair, put on a light bit of makeup, wear cute dresses, wear skinny jeans and cute tops, and I walk around without feeling out of breath.  My daughter and sons have a mom that looks and feels better, they couldn't be more proud.  My husband looks at me with that twinkle in his eye, I feel instantly younger and sexy for him.  All of this could not have been possible unless I had made one simple change and that was an eMeals meal plan.

Losing weight is as easy as eating RIGHT

I chose eMeals Portion Control Plan, it was as simple as that.  That plan changed how I looked at food and portion sizes.  Don't let the name fool you!  These are not bird sized portions, no they are very generous portions of food BUT the plan is filling you up with healthy stuff and it tastes GOOD.  Take it from me, a person who absolutely loves her food, the flavors, lots of butter and fat...this plan is delicious.  I was very skeptical but after the first meal the plan had already changed my mind.

I was subscribed to the plan for a few months in 2012 but had not yet tried it because I still had a subscription that I was finishing up for the Classic eMeals plan.  I remember that we were a ways behind because I'd skipped a couple of months for the Classic and then we were catching up.  The very first meal from the Portion Control plan will always be in my mind because as we all sat down to eat my mind was blown!  I was thinking, "I get to eat ALL this AND it's healthier?"  I always thought in my mind that skinnier people did not eat very much.

A meal that sticks out in my mind as being incredibly delicious (also one of our 1st from the Portion Control plan) was a recipe for Lemon and Oregano Tilapia with a side of cauliflower as well as cantaloupe.  We dined well that evening and it was so delicious!  I had taken a picture to share on Facebook because we were so impressed.  I only had a carrot, cauliflower and broccoli mix in the freezer and so we substituted that but it worked well.  It's really easy to go through the weekly plan and check off what you might already have on hand.  It's such a money saver.

Another meal that I distinctly remember was a dish that had polenta, zucchini and tomato sauce.  I remember it being so filling and so yummy.  I was wondering how such lean sirloin would be any good to eat.  My children gobbled it up without a complaint, turns out we all loved zucchini more than I knew.  I had no doubt that the eMeals Portion Control plan was my game-changer!  The only other thing that I did besides change my eating was add more water into my diet.  Just be mindful not to over do the water thing.  I learned that the hard way but enough about that.

As the months went by I noticed that I had more energy and the weight was slowly coming off.  I was not even hardly exercising really, just sticking to the Portion Control plan as much as possible.  So below here is myself in January of 2013.  I cannot believe I am sharing that picture on the internet!  I look at it and do not even recognize myself.  I look so tired, puffy, sad, and I know I was uncomfortable.  I was depressed a lot back then and my hormones were out of whack.  I feel like I look several years older than I really was which was only 31.


Now let's fast forward to now the month of December 2013.  I am still holding onto my curves and am learning to LOVE them but 58 lbs makes such a difference.  I still have plans to lose 60 more next year for a grand total of 120 lbs.  120 lbs is like a whole other person -- CRAZY!  I have to add that for the months of September and October I took a break from "trying" to lose and added some calories into my diet just to slow things down for a bit.  In November I jumped back on the wagon and began "trying" to lose again.  I put trying in parenthesis because you don't have to put much effort into this if you stick to the plan.  I do indulge here and there, I cook and bake a lot but the big difference is that I am now mindful of portion size.  I allow myself to have fun things like a cookie but maybe instead of a whole cookie I only eat a bite.  Simple changes produce big results.

My hope is to be 185 by the end of 2014.  I wanted to set a goal that was #1 healthy but also #2 not too overwhelming.  185 for some might seem overweight but for me it would be phenomenal.  I carry my weight fairly well and am 5' 7", I've got dutch bones in me.  If I get to 185 but still want to lose more well then I will cross that bridge when I get there.  For now the inches keep melting off, this is so easy! 

AFTER August 2013 50 lbs lost already!  I turned 32 end of September.

Nearing end of December and almost 60 lbs lost.  I did reach my goal, see top pic!

It's never to late to start eating healthier, to take better care of yourself and love yourself like you deserve to be loved!  I wholeheartedly recommend the eMeals Portion Control plan.  The new year is almost here.  Maybe you or a loved one want to get healthier as your new year resolution?  Check out the link below to see what eMeals has to offer.  They just might surprise you!

Healthy Meal Plans to Match your Active Lifestyle

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