Mama Nibbles: Cheapest Unlimited Talk Text and Data/Web

Cheapest Unlimited Talk Text and Data/Web

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Valentine's Day is just around the corner (2/14)!  I've been working on our income tax stuff for a couple of weeks and finally, on the first of February, I was ready and able to transmit our forms via efile to the IRS.  I just found out tonight that everything was accepted and we are looking forward to our refund.  I've been planning to use some of our tax refund to buy myself a cell phone.  There have been several emergency type instances where I've needed a cell phone all too recently.  I've been looking high and low for the cheapest wireless plans.

I have not owned a cell phone in quite a few years.  I knew that I wanted something with unlimited talk, text, and web.  The last time I had my own cell everything was a la cart and pricey.  I'm pretty sure that is the one big reason why I stopped having a working cell phone, the price was just too much for me to stomach paying.

You can imagine my happiness when I found out that Walmart carried exactly what I was looking for right in their electronics department.  Walmart Family Mobile made me decide to buy a little Valentine's gift for yours truly -- me!  They have some of the cheapest wireless plans.

When I was shopping for my cell phone at Walmart I noticed that there was a variety of affordable smartphones for under $100.  The plan prices are very affordable at just under $30 for unlimited text/talk or only $10 more for unlimited talk, text, and web.  I'm on a budget and so affordability is key.

I went with the one touch evolve smartphone powered by T-Mobile.  I purchased the smartphone for only $79,  I also needed a SIM card Starter Kit which was $25, and lastly I paid just $7 for a product care plan in case I damage it.  I don't even have to pay for service right away, I wait to be billed at the end of each month.

The phone that I picked is really awesome.  I have been having so much fun learning how to use it and giving out my new number.  The activation was really easy, took me maybe 5 minutes.  I've already installed Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, Google maps, AntiVirus, Weather, and set up my Google+.  This is truly the gift that keeps on giving.  #FamilyMobile #MaxYourTax
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