Mama Nibbles: Valentine's Oreo Pop Tips + Photo Tutorial

Valentine's Oreo Pop Tips + Photo Tutorial

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I know that Oreo pops have been around for quite some time and there are lots of tutorials out there to make these things.  I recently made about a hundred of these little guys to give away for Valentine's Day.  I had a bit of a difficult time making my pops at first and so I wanted to just share how I learned to make them come out almost perfect every time.  Enjoy! ♥

Supplies needed:
-Oreo cookies or off brand equivalent
-White candy melts
-Red candy melts
-Candy sticks
-Cute packaging, I used clear bags and curling ribbon with a printout I found online (I can't for the life of me find where I got the printable so if you know please comment so I can share and give credit where due)
-Wax paper
-Cookie sheet for chilling (make room in the freezer!)
TIP:  I got all my supplies over at!  They have it all and the prices are really low.

#1: Microwave your package of Oreos for about 5 seconds (I have a 1200 W microwave) to soften them up for opening.  This keeps the breakage down.  I still had two broken but I did need "taste test" samples hehehe

#2: Twist open all Oreo cookies and place on a sheet of wax paper

#3 Now take a candy stick and sort of slide it into the frosting, scooping up a tad to make room for where the stick will be inserted.  This will keep your cookie from cracking when it's back together

#4 Melt the white candy melts until smooth according to package directions
#5 Dip the end of a candy stick into the melted candy and spin lightly to coat the last 1/2"-3/4"

#6 Place the candy coated stick into the little place where you scooped out the frosting on your cookie and wiggle it into place to secure.  Place other half of cookie back on top before this solidifies

#7 Place cookies onto a large cookie sheet and once you are finished these will need to go into the freezer for about 15-20 minutes.  Letting the cookies chill helps keep them together while applying the next coat of candy melts.  This step also speeds up the process of hardening after dipping so that we can begin the decorating

#8 Now that the cookies have been chilled we can begin melting more white candy melts for the dipping process.  Use as many as you think you will need.  I'd say about 6 candy melts per cookie is a good amount to have melted, you can always add more.  It does help to set the bowl of melted wafers inside of a larger bowl filled with hot water to keep things smooth

#9 Hold a cookie pop stick in one hand and with the other hand gently spoon the melted candy wafers over both sides.  Lightly shake for even coverage, to get the bubbles out, and to release any excess

#10 Place your cookie pops back onto a sheet of wax paper so that they can harden, this should happen within 5 minutes since the cookies were chilled

#11 Melt 1 red candy wafer for each cookie you need to decorate plus toss in a few extra

#12 Using a toothpick or extra candy stick dip into the red chocolate.  Place two drops side by side then pull them down into a V to create your heart on every cookie pop ♥

#13 Let all of the cookie pops dry/harden for another 10 minutes before packaging

The finished product is too cute and oh so yummy!  The recipient will feel so special.  Happy Valentine's Day to you ♥  My Pinterest PinIt button is at the very bottom of this post, please feel free to share.

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