Mama Nibbles: Febreze Limited Edition Spring Scents #FebrezeSpring

Febreze Limited Edition Spring Scents #FebrezeSpring

This post has been sponsored by SheSpeaks and their client Febreze.  I was sent a few of the new limited edition Febreze Spring Collection products and a Walmart gift card to share about the Febreze Spring Scents #FebrezeSpring .  All opinions are my own.

Freshness is synonymous with Spring and as much as I wish it, my home definitely doesn't always smell delightful!  I have three children, two bunnies, one cockatiel, and then my husband - all produce unending stinky socks, smelly sport equipment, those weird car smells you can never figure out, odd kitchen aromas (fish and onions!), and some really icky bathroom stink.  Even after I deep clean my home the bad odors will still linger so it's really nice to be able to plug in an air freshener or take a can of spray to help make the house more inviting.

For all the reasons I just described and more, Febreze is a favorite for me when it comes to making things smell great.  My favorite Febreze item has been the NOTICEables.  The NOTICEables switches back and forth between two scents that you snap into a plug-in unit.  You know how you can get used to one scent and then stop noticing it over time?  Yep, this solves that problem!  I like the design of the plug-in unit, it reminds me of a white flower.  I used the NOTICEables Sweet Pea Petals/Pink Petals Special Edition scents and wow do I love their sweet floral fragrances.  These make me think of all the times I will be lounging outside reading a fave magazine, watching the kids play in the yard while I take in the fresh air, flowers blooming all over the neighborhood.

Another great Febreze item I tried out was the Febreze Set & Refresh in the scent rain.  I stuck this little guy on the back/top of our toilet tank.  This freshener was easy to put together and the scent just lasts and lasts (30 days at least), it really takes care of all the odors that can happen in the bathroom.  The scent reminds me of that smell after a good hard spring rain, when you open the windows a crack and take a whiff.  A neat feature is that the base clicks up and down so that you can control the amount of scent coming out.  I always keep my fresheners on low but just in case there is an explosion of stink, the adjustable base will come in handy.  Sorry I don't have a package picture, my 3 kids got a bit overly excited when they saw this on the counter and they crazily ripped it open hehe.

Lastly I got to try a Febreze CAR vent clip freshener and this was something I didn't even know was out there to buy.  The plastic package was way easy to open, no scissors needed at all thanks to the perforated bits in back.  I just pulled out the clip the size of a quarter, pushed the clip up, and clipped it onto my air vent in the mini van.  I like that the clip has a low, medium, or high setting so you can have the level of scent you wish.  This one was also in the scent rain but don't worry, there are many more scents to pick from.  It's really an awesome little gadget and it took care of the weird sour smell that has been going on in my van!

Don't you hate it when there is a smell in your vehicle and you can't figure out where it stems from?  It happens to me all the time.  Well at least I won't have to smell it now, maybe it will dissipate and disappear HA!  I seriously need to get the carpet shampooed in there after the painfully long winter we just endured though OR maybe I just need to pick up some Febreze fabric refresher carpet spray.

So there you have it, lots of great smelling options to keep things fresh and Springy.

What things remind YOU of Spring?  Leave me a comment, tweet me using the hashtag #FebrezeSpring, Facebook me or find me on Instagram!

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