Mama Nibbles: HoneyBaked Ham Opens Early 4/18 and 4/19 #HoneyBakedEaster #ad

HoneyBaked Ham Opens Early 4/18 and 4/19 #HoneyBakedEaster #ad

I was provided with a gift card to help facilitate my post about HoneyBaked Ham for Easter.  I was not given any other compensation and all opinions are my own.

HoneyBaked Ham

Looking for the BEST ham or turkey for the holidays?  On Friday 4/19 and Saturday 4/19 HoneyBaked stores will open early at 9 am so that you can grab your Easter feast early, save time, and make Easter even easier.  HoneyBaked makes it easy to go online to reserve your Easter ham or turkey and then pick it up at your closest store or have shipped.  If you sign up for their VIP club you can get some money saving coupons emailed to you to make your entertaining budget spread out even more.

Reserve your HoneyBaked product here:

My family just recently reviewed our very first HoneyBaked boneless ham.  The exterior has a thick, crunchy, sweet layer glaze all over it that makes every slice juicy and irresistible.  This ham has the same slow smoked flavor and goodness of a bone-in ham and wow did we enjoy it!  My family was completely blown away and there was not ever so much as a crumb left after supper.  If you only go in for one item at HoneyBaked, their glazed ham is the perfect item.  The flavor and texture of this ham will wow you and your dinner party!  I have never had a better glazed ham in my life, it is worth every penny.

The HoneyBaked ham comes wrapped in golden foil and to serve it I simply had to let it sit on the counter and come to room temperature.  I prepared our sides while this took place, it was so easy!  The reason you don't heat it up is because the coating will melt.  If you wanted to heat the ham I'm sure you could peel the glaze off, set on a separate plate, microwave the ham, and crumble the glaze over each serving. 

HoneyBaked ham

HoneyBaked ham

We did purchase three HoneyBaked side dishes, two baked beans and a small plain cheesecake.  In all honesty the frozen side dishes did not wow us, we kind of disliked them, and I wouldn't purchase them again.  The reason we didn't like the sides was mostly because they lacked flavor.  Let's say that the ham is a 10 out of 10, maybe even 11 but the sides are a 2 out of 10 for us.  The baked beans were really quite phenomenal and they didn't even have bacon inside which surprised us but we still loved those.  The cheesecake was really creamy and dense.  My only wish was that HoneyBaked carried a fruit topping that you could purchase with your cheesecake.  I guess I am not a plain cheesecake kinda gal, I'd have loved to spread a berry topping all over that baby!

HoneyBaked ham

HoneyBaked ham

My children all insisted we stick red maraschino cherries on top of the ham so we did.  Our HoneyBaked ham meal experience was awesome.  I will totally be purchasing this ham again for a holiday meal. Oh an just in case anybody was wondering, I got our HoneyBaked items from the store on 28th street in Grand Rapids Michigan.  That is a great location and the staff is lovely.  Enjoy and happy Easter!

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