Mama Nibbles: Use the Best K Cup Flavors to Make Popsicles With Your Keurig! #BrewOverIce #shop

Use the Best K Cup Flavors to Make Popsicles With Your Keurig! #BrewOverIce #shop

I am a member of the Collective Bias Social Fabric Community.  This shop for Keurig Brew Over Ice K-Cups from Walmart has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights amplification for Collective Bias and its advertiser.  I am also participating in a contest as an additional aspect of this campaign.  #CollectiveBias

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Did you know that you can use your Keurig brewer to brew cold iced tea and low calorie drinks?  I had no clue I could use mine to brew over ice!  For the longest time I was just happy to be brewing my coffee with my K-Cups but now this whole new versatile world of brewing over ice has opened up and the sky is the limit with my Keurig.  I don't have to stop at a fancy-dancy expensive coffee shop, nope I can just brew over ice at home (save $$) and take it with me in my plastic tumbler when on the go!  I love it...LOVE it I tell you.  #BrewOverIce

What has the weather been like where you live?  Around West Michigan the weather has been on and off hot and cold.  Lots of glorious 85 degree days but then a few days in there that are more like 65 or 70 with lots of rain.  My family has been itching to go to the beach but most days have been spent at home gardening, cleaning up the lawn and getting ready for summer baseball to begin for our son.  All of our hard work means we are thirsty and hot, ready to cool down with something refreshing.

I go to Walmart to buy my Keurig K-Cups.  They have a large selection at a great price and I found several of the Brew Over Ice flavors there.  You can find K-Cups in the coffee isle but did you know you can also find a large selection near the brewers and coffee maker isle?  At my Walmart the coffee makers are over near the housewares and dining items.  I picked out some Green Mountain Naturals Lemonade for the kids and then a box of Snapple Raspberry Iced Tea for the husband and I to enjoy over ice.  Just look for the blue Brew Over ICE logo.

Since discovering brewing over ice with my Keurig I've been getting more and more creative with it.  Recently the kids and I used some Green Mountain Naturals Lemonade K-Cups to make popsicles.  We filled our popsicle molds with frozen fruits, topped them off with some freshly brewed over ice lemonade and froze them overnight.  These took me only a few minutes to make!  If you are looking for a quick and easy treat for summer I recommend making these, you will thank me.  #BrewItUp

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To make the beautiful fruity pops you see in the photo above all you will need is your Keurig brewer, Brew Over Ice K-Cups, ice cubes, a plastic tumbler, your freezer, a funnel with a tip small enough to fit into your mold, popsicle molds, a skewer, and frozen or fresh fruit.

Step 1: Brew over ice with your K-Cup of choice, we chose lemonade since the kids would be eating these.  I either do the 6 or 8 oz option for the perfect brew taste.  I fill my tumbler 3/4 full of ice.

Step 2: Fill each popsicle mold half full of fruit

Step 3: Place funnel into the mold and fill with your iced brew

Step 4: Poke the skewer into the mold to help any air bubbles escape and distribute the fruit around evenly

Step 5: Freeze for several hours or overnight and then ENJOY!  Mmm the mango lemonade one is my most favorite.  You can totally customize these popsicles to each person's taste by changing the fruits you use.

Did you know that Keurig has a recycling program available for its K-Cups?  The Grounds to Grow program offers a way for K-Cup users to return used cups for processing that separates the grounds for compost and the plastic cups for reuse.  Learn more about this program here:

Learn how to easily brew over ice in the video below:

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