Mama Nibbles: Our Family Water Drinking Challenge

Our Family Water Drinking Challenge

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#ad Over the past year and a half I have been really focusing on our family's health and well-being.  I was done with being so tired and out of shape all the time and wanted to be a good example to my young children.  As of today I am proud to say that I have lost over seventy pounds and have really began to see muscle definition and strength like never before.  I have lost so many inches I have lost count!  My energy has improved a hundred fold and I feel younger.  A big part of my routine has been drinking water.  Water has probably been the most important part of my weight loss and health routine.  I regularly purchase a case or three of Nestle Pure Life water from Walmart.  One case stays in the car so we always have a drink available and the rest stays in the house to stick in the fridge.  #HealthyHydration

I really want my Walmart to start carrying the big 5 gallon bottles of Nestle Pure Life.  I know those would come in handy for going to the kids soccer games and family events.  It would make life easier because I could just grab one bottle on my way out versus several individual bottles.  Sometimes we just need a large BPA free PET plastic bottle! 

I have been encouraging my family to drink more h2o and to make it fun for the kids we decided to have a little water drinking challenge for one week.  I printed a chart for each person (found online here) and then gave each person their own color or marker to check off the cups for the day.  I looked up their weight and ages on the web to see just how much water was recommended for each kid.  My four year old had the goal of five cups, the eight and ten year old had seven cups as their goal.  My goal was eight but I really drink more like fifteen cups every day so obviously I didn't need the challenge but my children did.  The challenge was to get them to drink more water and it worked.

At the end of the challenge if everybody drank their minimum they would be treated to a fun activity.  Our prize at the end of one week was bowling and the next time it may be rollerskating.  I make every week's reward an active outing so that we are getting some exercise while having fun.

I challenge you and your family to try this out, it's so much fun!

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