Mama Nibbles: GoodNites*Tru-Fit* - Bed Wetting Solution

GoodNites*Tru-Fit* - Bed Wetting Solution

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Bed wetting is far more common that one might think AND it cannot be helped or or trained away.  Research estimates that at least 1 out of every 6 children suffer from wetting the bed at night.  It can cause a great deal of anxiety for both the child as well as the parent.  I know this from my own experience with my own child.  At first I thought that this was something that could be trained away, that was until I did more research and discovered the facts.

Two of my children had no issues with bed wetting at all but our youngest is dealing with this problem that he cannot help.  We tried out many different bed wetting products and none seemed to work out or perform the way I wished they would.  I finally came upon GoodNites® disposable nighttime underwear.  We used the disposable undies for a while and those work so well.  Now that our son is almost 5 and completely daytime potty trained we want him to feel more confident and keep wearing the cloth underwear at night too.  I recently found out about the GoodNites®*Tru-Fit* Starter Pack which are machine washable underwear that have absorbent inserts now at select national retailers including Walmart.  They are available for both boys and girls in size S/M and L/XL in many different colors and patterns.

GoodNites®*Tru-Fit* are real underwear with disposable inserts that work incredibly well.  They look just like any other undies so nobody will be the wiser!  In stores you will find these as a 2-pack of underwear with a 5-pack of inserts.  GoodNites®*Tru-Fit* Insert Refill packs are easy to buy and come with 18 absorbent GoodNites®*Tru-Fit* Disposable Inserts each.  87% of moms that have tried the product say they will help make their child feel more confident.  You can download a $2 off coupon for GoodNites®*Tru-Fit* at

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