Mama Nibbles: #ad DIY Cat Gift Idea + Meet Our Cat Pixi #MeowMixatMeijer #CollectiveBias

#ad DIY Cat Gift Idea + Meet Our Cat Pixi #MeowMixatMeijer #CollectiveBias

Disclosure: This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #MeowMixatMeijer #CollectiveBias

Assembling a kitty cat gift basket is a fun and endearing way to show your love for your cat or cat friends. It's really effortless to put a few things together and have it look really special! Your gift recipient cat and their "pet" will love this!

My baby Pixi really enjoys the New Meow Mix Simple Servings cat food and I enjoy the mess free packaging and perfect portion size. My cat gets the wet food she craves.

Stuff you will need (I found everything at my local Meijer in the "pets" aisle):

1) a basket or gift box (approx. 12" x 12")
2) krinkle cut paper or some kind of gift basket filler
3) Meow Mix Simple Servings Seafood Variety (24 pk)
*30% off with Meijer mperks offer running from 10/08/17-11/04/17!
4) assorted cat toys (I suggest 2-3)
5) your choice of cat treats (we love Meow Mix brushing bites)
6) put it all together, maybe add a bow and viola, a beautiful cat gift

#MeowMixatMeijer #CollectiveBias
Meijer "pets" section is where to find the New Simple Servings!

This is the story of our  sweet little furr-baby named Pixi.  Pixi was 4-5 weeks old (as best as we could tell) when we found her. I thought I had heard a kitten meowing for a couple days outside in our neighborhood. Every time I went looking I never could find the source and thought I was hearing things.

One evening the kids were outside playing and one of the neighbor kids saw a kitten in the street. They scooped her up and brought her to me out in my garden. The kitten was lethargic, dehydrated, and scrawny. I had some fresh goat milk in my fridge so I ran inside with the kitten and warmed some up. I used a new kids medication syringe and dripped the warm milk into her mouth until she seemed satisfied. She fell asleep on me and it was love!

I knew she would be ours forever. I ran to the store and picked up kitten formula plus other supplies I knew we would need. For a couple of weeks I spent a lot of my time loving on her, nursing her back to health, and training her to use the litter box. Seeing the spark ignite in her eyes was amazing, she was growing well and showing her energetic and sweet personality. Every day from that point on Pixi has been such a joy and blessing. She is part of our family. She is now a very healthy, happy and spirited little kitty cat.

Pixi really enjoys special treats and of course we like to spoil her! For feedings we do hard food daily and soft food once or twice per week. I've really fallen in love with the new Simple Servings cat food for her, she just adores the pieces of real seafood. I swear her coat is even shinier now that she eats two nutritious square meals a day. Simple Servings come in single servings portions so there are no leftovers and the packaging is so easy to open, even for my butter fingers. Sometimes I serve the food in a dish, other times I just give her the cup it comes in. Simple Servings are so easy and look at those eyes, she is one energetic and bright eyed kitty.

#MeowMixatMeijer #CollectiveBias

#MeowMixatMeijer #CollectiveBias
Pixi wasn't going to wait for me to open it, even though it only takes seconds haha! 

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