Mama Nibbles: National Margarita Day Thursday Feb 22

National Margarita Day Thursday Feb 22

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It's almost National Margarita Day, Thursday February 22nd! I don't drink alcohol very much myself but once or twice a year I will splurge and an ice cold margarita is looking mighty tasty. The great thing about margaritas is that they come in so many flavors, it is endless. Gather up your friends, co-workers, family members and get to Smokey Bones Bar + Fire Grill for some fun! Celebrate this amazing cocktail!

Smokey Bones Bar + Fire Grill has several delicious margarita drink options which include the following plus more: Fresh Diamond Maestro (Maestro Dobel Diamante Tequila + Agavero Orange Liqueur + muddled oranges & limes + agave syrup + splash of citrus sour + salt rim), Strawberry Dream (Cuervo Especial Blue Agave Silver Tequila + triple sec + strawberry purée + citrus sour + fresh strawberries + limes + salt rim), and Cherry Poppin' (Cuervo Especial Blue Agave Silver Tequila + Deep Eddy Ruby Red Vodka + black cherry & ginger purée + citrus sour + pineapple juice + limes & cherries + salt rim).

Smokey Bones Bar + Fire Grill also has plenty of tasty bites that go perfectly with a nice tall margarita! The Magnacho looks tantalizing. Just think of enjoying a huge plate of toasty nachos smothered in double cheddar jack cheese, pulled roasted chicken and house smoked pulled pork. Sounds absolutely delicious! I am so ready to destroy that plate, get in my belly! 

I know my husband is a huge lover of street tacos from Smokey Bones. These do not disappoint. Their street tacos are served on warm flour tortillas, lots of cheddar jack cheese, crispy shredded cabbage, chipotle mayo, topped with salsa and green onions, filled with your choice of house smoked pulled pork, brisket or steak. Squeeze a fresh lime over the top and you are in taco heaven! 

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