Mama Nibbles: Our 1st Chick-fil-A 100 Campout Experience

Our 1st Chick-fil-A 100 Campout Experience

We had the privilege being the 1st and 2nd people (along with our three kids) in line for the grand opening of the 28th & Beltline Ave Grand Rapids, MI Chick-fil-A! There was a gal that arrived after us who insisted she be 1st, so out of the kindness of our hearts we let her go in front of us in line since she had her heart set on it. It was her 2nd or maybe 3rd grand opening campout but our 1st ever. Little did we know it was to be a very memorable experience for us all!

First off we arrived at 4:45 am or so and after a few minutes stepped out in line by the door. We were asked moments later to get behind an orange tape line that went clear around the parking lot and building. We had to remain there until 6 am and then were allowed to line up at the door.  A staff member then began checking legal identification to verify that we were all living in the designated area codes and we were put into lines of 25. This ensures only locals can participate in the First 100 Campout. After ID checks we were signing waivers and given numbered wrist bands.

After all the ID checks, waivers and wrist bands, we were allowed to bring our camping gear onto the property and pick a parking spot to pitch the tent. We got everything set up and then they had us all line up according to our given numbers for the breakfast line! We single file walked through the outdoor drive thru to receive chicken on a biscuit breakfast on the house. YUM! I had never even eaten any of the breakfast menu before. The baked fresh buttermilk biscuit was so soft and buttery. It was weird for me to eat chicken for breakfast but I could definitely get used to it. The rest of my family put jam on theirs which to me sounds odd but they swear it was the most delicious thing. I'll have to try it sometime.

Throughout the day there were random line checks to be sure we were all there. Guests are allowed (such as under 18 children) but did not count towards the First 100 people in line. They got the free food perks and were included in the whole experience. We had a fun host named Nigel! He got the party going and was in charge of games. There were a lot of crowd mixer type games. My fave was the rock paper scissors. When someone lost they had to get behind the winner and cheer for them like they were their biggest fan and the winner would find another winner and keep going until there was only one left standing. I made it third and it was a huge thrill to be cheered on!

Lunch was delicious chicken tenders, a drink, and waffle chips. I can't believe how tender and juicy that chicken was. I had not yet experienced their tenders yet so that was a real treat. We mingled with other campers and played games for a lot of the day, in between the games and giveaways. I brought Uno so we played that for a while. I'm glad the weather was warm for Michigan, almost 60 and sunny for most of the day!

For supper we were treated to fake money to purchase a #1 meal combo. We lined up and single file walked into the store to "buy" our food and receive fake change. It was a learning experience for the new staff. They handled us all so well. The food was hot and of course delicious. My favorite is their classic chicken sandwich with the pickles YUM! Further into the evening we held a lip sync/ dance battle. The winner received a huge bag of Chick-fil-A goodies including a giant plush cow. The show was a ton of laughs.

My husband won a Chick-fil-A blanket in a game!
As the evening wound down we all were lined up one final time before bed. They served us fresh chocolate chunk cookies and hot cocoa. Such a thoughtful treat before we hit the hay at around 10 pm. It was so chilly that night, around 40 F. We were thankful to have a tent heater and a huge tarp to wrap over the outside of our tent. We also brought every thick blanket we owned, as well as a cot for me. We slept fairly warmly. A wake up call was given at 5:10 or so and we were lined up at around 5:30-5:45 ish for the final count. After the count we walked inside the restaurant to a cheering, pot banging, exuberant staff! They cheered all us cold sleepy folks on as were were handed the super special red card. That card will get us each 52 #1 combo meals free for an entire year! It was an emotional morning and I am so happy we made it to the end. We are thrilled to have this new store in our community!

I hope another opens close in the future and we can do this again someday! Thanks for the experience Chic-fil-A Grand Rapids! We can't wait to use our hard earned freebies!!!

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