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Monday, July 14, 2014

Experience a Great American Bacon Cheeseburger and WIN Brad Paisley Swag!

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Ever just really want to grill up a big juicy cheeseburger but you are bored with the way you usually prepare yours?  I do love a classic cheeseburger but sometimes I want something a bit different than the usual.  I was shopping at Walmart a couple weeks ago for some dinner ingredients because the husband said he wanted to grill out.  I dropped by the cheese isle first thing so that I could try out an app on my phone called Blippar.  I used Blippar to scan a pack of Kraft cheese and it took to me to several great recipes for cheeseburgers!

You can download the app Blippar for free on your Apple, Android, Blackberry, or Windows device (learn how to download:

#saycheeseburger #collectivebias #cbias #shop

First I looked up the app on my phone and installed it then it was time to get Blipping!

#saycheeseburger #collectivebias #cbias #shop
#saycheeseburger #collectivebias #cbias #shop

I took my phone with me to the store so I could use Blippar to scan (or blip) Kraft cheese packaging (Velveeta Slices, Kraft Singles, Kraft Naturals Slices, or Kraft Shreds).

#saycheeseburger #collectivebias #cbias #shop

I blipped a package of Kraft Singles and the app got to work!  Up came the Great American Bacon Cheeseburger Experience mobile site filled with the following choices:
-View Recipes: delectable bacon cheeseburger recipes made in ways you never thought of
-Take a Pic With Brad: use your camera to take a picture with augmented reality Brad Paisley and you can share your picture on social media like Twitter or Facebook
-Get Your Paisley Points: register your Kraft cheese products to enter for the chance to win sweet Brad Paisley swag

#saycheeseburger #collectivebias #cbias #shop

I looked through all of the recipes and found the perfect Great American Bacon Cheeseburger recipe.  I chose the stuffed burger filled with bacon, cheese and onions then topped with more cheese.  I knew my family would love the one I chose!  I read the ingredients, picked up what it said and took off for home.  Never had grabbing cheeseburger ingredients been so easy. I just followed the recipe and in 15-20 minutes my family was happily munching on their delicious meal.

#saycheeseburger #collectivebias #cbias #shop
#saycheeseburger #collectivebias #cbias #shop
#saycheeseburger #collectivebias #cbias #shop
#saycheeseburger #collectivebias #cbias #shop

Blippar was such an easy app to use and I really liked trying out a new way to make a cheeseburger!  I had a little fun being silly with the augmented #SayCheeseburger Brad Paisley part of the app, check out my pose on Instagram: 

I also used the Paisley Points part of the app and can't wait to rack up more points from all the Kraft Foods items we buy!  All you do is shop for Kraft Foods products through August 31st, scan your receipt and earn points.

*Redeem your points for: Walmart gift cards, T-Shirts and CD’s (a $5 Walmart gift card = 200 Paisley Points; $10 Walmart gift card = 350 Paisley Points; $20 Walmart gift card = 500 Paisley Points, Brad Paisley t-shirt = 750 Paisley Points; Brad Paisley’s newest CD “Wheelhouse” = 300 Paisley Points)
*Share on Facebook to score bonus points
*Get double points when you spend $2-$3 on Kraft Naturals Slices
*Sign up for Paisley Points and you will be automatically entered to win the Paisley Points Sweepstakes! 

#saycheeseburger #collectivebias #cbias #shop

Go to Kraft Cheeseburger site:

Monday, June 30, 2014

Dr Pepper Apple Pecan Cheesecake #BackyardBash

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Any backyard BBQ party plans in your near future?  Whether you are a party of two or twenty I hope you have a blast at your backyard bash!  My favorite part about summer is that it is grilling season and even a person like me with a smaller home can still throw outdoor parties.

I went to Walmart to grab some ingredients and decorations for my one of a kind Dr Pepper cheesecake.  It's only semi-homemade so don't get scared!  That luscious cheesecake you see in that photo only looks like I spent hours slaving away in my kitchen.  I bought a boxed New York style cheesecake from the freezer section and then dressed it up with some home-cooked extras.  The deep red brown sauce you see is a reduction of  Dr Pepper Cherry!  I found my Dr Pepper in the Soft Drinks and Chips isle at my Walmart.  I sliced up a few Granny Smith and Fuji apples, tossed in some pecans, drizzled on my reduction and ta-da you have a very special dessert that everyone will want the recipe for.

Dr Pepper reminds me of my Father-in-law.  His favorite soft drink has always been Dr Pepper.  When I was in high school our families went on a vacation up into the Upper Peninsula in Michigan.  My family stayed at a very rustic cabin with sauna.  Back then I was close friends with my husband's younger sister and she was staying with us for the first half of our summer vacation.  The second half I went to stay with my sis-in-law-to-be's family.

When I went with my future in-laws we stayed at a really nice golf resort and then made our way over onto Mackinac Island.  If you haven't yet been you must!  I remember the scent of the lilacs and fudge on the island.  The gorgeous views as we road bikes all around the whole island was also something I will never forget.  It was one of the best vacations of my life.  On the way home if ever we stopped for a rest stop my FIL always picked up a cold Dr Pepper for the drive.  That man loves his Dr Pepper.  I bet he would LOVE my cheesecake recipe!

Ingredients needed for this Dr Pepper Apple Pecan Cheesecake

1. Home made or store bought 12" cheesecake (chilled)
2. Four apples, 2 fuji and 2 Granny Smith (cored, cut in half and sliced long way 1/4" thin)
3. 3 cans of room temp Dr Pepper Cherry or Original
4. Heavy saucepan for reducing the Dr Pepper
5. 1/2 cup chopped pecans
6. 1/4 cup whole pecans
7. 1/4 cup packed brown sugar
8. 1/2 tsp cinnamon
9. 1/4 tsp nutmeg
10. 1/4 tsp salt
11. 2 Tbsp salted butter
12. Juice of 1 lemon (1/8 cup approx)

How to make your Dr Pepper Apple Pecan Cheesecake

1. Make sure cheesecake is not frozen, I set my store bought one in the fridge overnight.  Set on your serving platter in the center and keep chilled

2. Pour all 3 cans of Dr Pepper Cherry into your saucepan and set over high heat until it begins to boil.  Once boiling give it a stir and reduce to a low simmer.  Simmer and stir until the liquid has been reduced to 1 cup.  While this is cooking down begin step #4.

3. Cool your syrup reduction in the refrigerator or freezer.  Cooling completely is very important so we don't melt our cheesecake.

4. Melt salted butter in a large skillet over medium heat (I used a nonstick one)

5. In a large bowl toss apple slices with lemon juice, salt, spices and brown sugar

6. Cook apples in butter until they are just fork tender, be sure to flip them around with a spatula

7. Once apples are fork tender add in the pecan bits that you chopped and let cook for 3 minutes, be sure to keep stirring

8. Take cooled cheesecake out onto the counter, take cooled Dr Pepper reduction and pour over the top of the cake reserving about 1/4 cup of the syrup

9. Pile the apple mixture over the top of your cheesecake right in the center, make it a mile high!

10. Toast whole pecans in apple pan for just a minute over medium heat, stir around constantly

11. Sprinkle whole pecans over the cheesecake and apples

12. Finish off your dessert by drizzling the reserved 1/4 cup of Dr Pepper Cherry reduction over the top

13. Slice and serve at your next #BackyardBash!  A 12" cheesecake can feed about 8-10 people.

Be sure and visit for more Dr Pepper fun!

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Monday, June 23, 2014

Use the Best K Cup Flavors to Make Popsicles With Your Keurig! #BrewOverIce #shop

I am a member of the Collective Bias Social Fabric Community.  This shop for Keurig Brew Over Ice K-Cups from Walmart has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights amplification for Collective Bias and its advertiser.  I am also participating in a contest as an additional aspect of this campaign.  #CollectiveBias

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Did you know that you can use your Keurig brewer to brew cold iced tea and low calorie drinks?  I had no clue I could use mine to brew over ice!  For the longest time I was just happy to be brewing my coffee with my K-Cups but now this whole new versatile world of brewing over ice has opened up and the sky is the limit with my Keurig.  I don't have to stop at a fancy-dancy expensive coffee shop, nope I can just brew over ice at home (save $$) and take it with me in my plastic tumbler when on the go!  I love it...LOVE it I tell you.  #BrewOverIce

What has the weather been like where you live?  Around West Michigan the weather has been on and off hot and cold.  Lots of glorious 85 degree days but then a few days in there that are more like 65 or 70 with lots of rain.  My family has been itching to go to the beach but most days have been spent at home gardening, cleaning up the lawn and getting ready for summer baseball to begin for our son.  All of our hard work means we are thirsty and hot, ready to cool down with something refreshing.

I go to Walmart to buy my Keurig K-Cups.  They have a large selection at a great price and I found several of the Brew Over Ice flavors there.  You can find K-Cups in the coffee isle but did you know you can also find a large selection near the brewers and coffee maker isle?  At my Walmart the coffee makers are over near the housewares and dining items.  I picked out some Green Mountain Naturals Lemonade for the kids and then a box of Snapple Raspberry Iced Tea for the husband and I to enjoy over ice.  Just look for the blue Brew Over ICE logo.

Since discovering brewing over ice with my Keurig I've been getting more and more creative with it.  Recently the kids and I used some Green Mountain Naturals Lemonade K-Cups to make popsicles.  We filled our popsicle molds with frozen fruits, topped them off with some freshly brewed over ice lemonade and froze them overnight.  These took me only a few minutes to make!  If you are looking for a quick and easy treat for summer I recommend making these, you will thank me.  #BrewItUp

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To make the beautiful fruity pops you see in the photo above all you will need is your Keurig brewer, Brew Over Ice K-Cups, ice cubes, a plastic tumbler, your freezer, a funnel with a tip small enough to fit into your mold, popsicle molds, a skewer, and frozen or fresh fruit.

Step 1: Brew over ice with your K-Cup of choice, we chose lemonade since the kids would be eating these.  I either do the 6 or 8 oz option for the perfect brew taste.  I fill my tumbler 3/4 full of ice.

Step 2: Fill each popsicle mold half full of fruit

Step 3: Place funnel into the mold and fill with your iced brew

Step 4: Poke the skewer into the mold to help any air bubbles escape and distribute the fruit around evenly

Step 5: Freeze for several hours or overnight and then ENJOY!  Mmm the mango lemonade one is my most favorite.  You can totally customize these popsicles to each person's taste by changing the fruits you use.

Did you know that Keurig has a recycling program available for its K-Cups?  The Grounds to Grow program offers a way for K-Cup users to return used cups for processing that separates the grounds for compost and the plastic cups for reuse.  Learn more about this program here:

Learn how to easily brew over ice in the video below:

Monday, June 16, 2014

#ad Help Tyson END HUNGER #SummerofGiving #shop

I am a member of the Collective Bias Social Fabric Community.  This shop at Walmart for Tyson to help end childhood hunger has been compensated as part of a social shopper amplification for Collective Bias and its advertiser. 

Do you KNOW the full scope of hunger in your own community?  Did you KNOW that one out of four American families is worried about having enough money to put food on their table?  Many of us are completely unaware of the struggle with hunger in our own communities.  To help in the fight against childhood hunger Tyson has partnered with Champions for Kids for a program called Summer of Giving.  Every year Tyson expands their community involvement in the issue of hunger. I for one am so happy to purchase their products in support of their effort to end hunger.  Every bag of Tyson product I buy helps feed one child in need by Tyson and Walmart has promised to feed five million children this summer!  Someday there will be NO hunger in our communities.

My family has had our own struggle with hunger, this was many years ago but the feelings are still fresh in my mind.  Years ago my husband had two strokes, one right after the other or possibly simultaneously we don't know.  He was working two jobs at the time and I was staying at home with our daughter.  I remember he lost both jobs.  We were overcome with medical bills of which we are still making payments on to this day.  Money got really tight, I tried getting a job (I had no good work history) and was able to get something part time but it just wasn't enough.  There were days when we lived on noodles and canned milk, whatever was left in the pantry.  I made sure my daughter had what she needed by picking up pop cans on the side of the road and applying for some temporary assistance.  It was tough but we didn't give up and it taught me many lessons about life and what hunger felt like.  This is one reason why I get so passionate about the topic of hunger.

I went to Walmart for some grocery shopping and first thing I did was go for the freezer isle that has all the chicken products in it.  I snapped up four bags for my family and one bag to share as a gifted meal with a neighbor I know that is in need.  We picked out one bag of Tyson chicken nuggets, two bags of Tyson Any'tizers Stuffed Chicken Minis, and one bag of Any'tizers boneless chicken wyngz.  Other participating products are Tyson Day Starts or Tyson Grilled & Ready.  By buying those four bags I've already helped feed four children in need through the Summer of Giving program! #SummerofGiving

A couple bags I bought of the Tyson Any'tizers YUM!

To kick off our own summer of giving I got my family involved in a little simple service project.  We cooked up a beautiful meal using some Tyson Any'tizers Cordon Bleu Stuffed Chicken MINIS and brought it on down to a neighbor in need.  We live by an elderly veteran who is missing a leg.  He is always sitting outside, waving and smiling at everybody that goes by.  I've bought one of his hand woven chairs and have chatted with him many times.  He's such a nice man and we thought he deserved a home cooked meal.  This wouldn't be the first I've brought him and it certainly won't be the last.

I baked up a whole bag of the cordon bleu Any'tizers and paired those with some homemade red skin potato salad, sweet corn on the cob, and an ice cold glass of watermelon lemonade.  Such an easy meal and so incredibly delicious and satisfying!  While I carried our meal over to the neighbor, the rest of the family ate their meal outside at the picnic table.

To bring someone a meal it's always best to use a container that is reusable but also toss-able.  Walmart had a little tower of such containers for under four bucks.  I had some ribbon in my craft box that I cut to tie around for a nice touch.  I put everything inside piping hot and carried it over at supper time.  I made sure to tell him earlier I'd be bringing it by so he wouldn't go through any effort to cook something.  The smile on his face was worth doing this a million times over.  Helping someone else feels so good.  #CollectiveBias

Friday, June 6, 2014

Michigan Harrietta Hills Trout Farm

michigan trout farm

This spring I toured the family owned Harrietta Hills Trout Farm in the small village of Harrietta, Michigan.  Harrietta Hills is one of Michigan's largest privately owned trout farms.  This particular fish farm has recently been environmentally verified and I believe there is only one other fish farm in MI that can boast the same.  This trout farm is right in the beautiful National Manistee Forest.  The farm specializes in rainbow trout, brook trout, and brown trout. 

Son & Father - Dan and Jim Vogler
It was very apparent upon meeting and talking with Jim that he held a deep passion for what he does. His family lives right on the farm and they home school their children.  Dan's family bought the trout farm back in 2001.  They planned to run the farm the same way it had been run for fifty years.  The farm produced fish for stocking lakes and streams for sport fishing.  In 2006 federal regulators suddenly made what they were doing illegal.  It came as a blow to the family but it also changed the business for the better.

The family had to make a change and they did successfully in 2009 when they started producing fish for food.  The farm found Superior Foods to do their processing and distribution.  Now the farm can take their fish anywhere they wished for it to sell. 

Currently some small restaurants and Spartan Stores carries their delicious trout.  I am really hoping that Meijer will soon be added to that list too.  Local is best and freshest, especially when it comes to fish. 

One of the ponds that the fish do their growing in
Trout well on their way to getting big enough to be on someone's table someday soon
Fresh rainbow trout fillet
Dan grilling fresh trout
My delicious lunch complete with homemade coleslaw and cheesy potatoes!
I had a really fun time learning about the farm and seeing the grounds.  We saw several young bald eagles flying around and the farm is simply gorgeous this time of year.  At the end of our tour, Dan made a lunch of grilled trout for everyone.  The fish was phenomenal and the skin very tasty with a very clean flavor.  All Dan did was drizzle on some olive oil, a bit of salt & pepper and then tarragon.  You put flesh side down first for 4 minutes or so then flip to the skin side for a few more, easy!

The grilled fish reminded me of family vacations when I was a little girl.  My dad would take us fishing so early in the morning and we would catch rainbow trout, bluegills and sunfish.  My dad would clean the fish we'd caught, flour and season them then fry in some butter or oil.  It just doesn't get any better than fresh and local!

The Harrietta Hills Trout Farm website with recipes and info:

What's your favorite fish recipe?

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Summer Recipe: Tomato Basil Feta Frittatinis

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How do you pronounce it?  Tah-may-toh or Tuh-ma-toe?  Pronunciation probably doesn't matter when it comes to this delicious and colorful fruit also known as a vegetable.  Tomatoes are a favorite recipe ingredient in our home.  Tomatoes can go in so many dishes, so many baked goods and delicious appetizers.  I always keep several cans of tomatoes in my pantry, I can never have too many.  Currently on my shelves are Hunt's tomato paste (reg and no salt added), petite diced (reg and no salt added), diced (reg and no salt added), and tomato sauce in various size cans.   Canned tomatoes are just as good (and more convenient) as fresh these days because Hunt's cans them so fresh and uses a flash steam peeling method.  I buy my Hunt's canned tomatoes for easy cooking recipes at Walmart in the tomato sauce isle.  Sometimes I buy the no salt added version and sometimes not, it's nice to have that option.

#shop #DinnerDone #cbias #collectivebias
#shop #DinnerDone #cbias #collectivebias
#shop #DinnerDone #cbias #collectivebias

The recipe I have to share with you today is somewhat of a family favorite.  These bake really fast so I can make them when I wake up the kids or for a fast healthy lunch before we head out for a baseball practice.  I make little mini frittatas and we call them frittatinis.  The list looks long but believe me, it's way easy.  You can totally do the first part (roasting) beforehand and just have waiting in the fridge.

Ingredients you will need for the first part of this recipe:

1 can Hunt's diced or petite diced tomatoes 14.5 oz
1/2 cup diced onion
1 tsp minced garlic
2 Tbsp extra virgin olive oil
1 tsp kosher salt
1 tsp finely cracked black pepper

*preheat oven to 350F

1. Drain tomatoes and rinse
2. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper
3. Toss all ingredients together in a medium bowl
4. Pour your mixture onto the parchment lined sheet and spread out evenly in a thin layer
5. Roast for 20 minutes, no stirring neccessary.
6. Take out and let cool for 5 minutes, leave oven on (SMELLS PHENOMENAL in the house now!)

#shop #DinnerDone #cbias #collectivebias
#shop #DinnerDone #cbias #collectivebias

Second part of this recipe is simply whisking ingredients together, you will need:

6 large eggs
2 oz milk
1/4 cup grated parmesan cheese
1 Tbsp dried basil (I use freeze dried, it's closest to fresh)
1/2 tsp dried thyme
salt and pepper to taste
1/2 cup crumbled feta cheese
option add-in 3-5 strips chopped cooked bacon
All of the roasted tomato/onion/garlic mixture that we let cool

Optional drizzle topping and serving idea:
2 Tbsp extra virgin olive oil
2 Tbsp aged balsamic vinegar
salt and pepper to taste
Chopped head of your favorite lettuce greens
extra parmesan or feta to sprinkle on top

1. Spray or grease 12 muffin tins
2. Whisk up all filling ingredients in a large bowl until lightly frothy and aerated
3. Pour 1/4 cup size portions into each muffin cup and then top off if any left over
4. Bake for 14-15 minutes or until just bouncy to the touch and lightly puffed (do not overbake)
5. Let cool for 3 minutes and then use a spoon to scoop each frittatini out of the pan
6. Can serve on a bed of any greens, we like chopped romaine with ours or frisee 
7. Whisk together the olive oil, balsamic vinegar, salt and pepper then drizzle over the top

#shop #DinnerDone #cbias #collectivebias
#shop #DinnerDone #cbias #collectivebias
#shop #DinnerDone #cbias #collectivebias
#shop #DinnerDone #cbias #collectivebias


Find more great recipes and information for Hunt's at and

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