Mama Nibbles: My Gardner-White Blog for a Grand #GWgrand

My Gardner-White Blog for a Grand #GWgrand

     Recently my two year old had the delightful idea of smashing a ripe banana into our cheap area rug in the living room.  He even jumped up and down on it to help it smash into every fiber.  I had been in the bathroom and he sounded like he was still at the table eating his snack, I could not have been more wrong.  I was in tears trying to scrape the banana out but it was really IN there.  I put a wet cloth over it to help soak it out a bit but that really did nothing.
     Later on that day I was trying to get some work done on my laptop so I had a TV table out at the couch.  I was tired that day and had grabbed a cold caffeinated beverage from the fridge to set by my laptop.  My little cutie was standing next to me reading a book and then all of the sudden his arms flailed out!  He completely hit my open soda onto the floor and it spewed everywhere, the rug was soaked in brown soda.  I ran into the bathroom but of course nobody had put up a new towel after using the last one.  I ran into my room and of course there was nothing that I could use to sop up the wet mess so I went with paper towels.  At this point I decided my poor $55 rug was done for.  It was almost 3 years old and it had seen its fair share of spills but this was the last straw, it had seen better days.  Our poor rug couldn't handle any more!
A bit of baby cuteness and the rug, RIP
     I waited for my husband to come home from work and he rolled up the 10' x 14' rug and put it out with the trash.  Now I have an empty hardwood floor and a little one who loves to roll around on the floor.  Winter is on it's way and once the cold temps set in it feels like we are walking on ice cubes with this floor.  We most definitely need a family room rug.  The floor underneath is super old (1920) as you can see in the photo.  I found some really great rug choices at Gardner-White.  I really like all of them but I am leaning heavily towards the one on the very left, it would look perfect with our leather sofa and recliner.  I also have a sofa size framed old world map above my sofa that would go really well.  Check these out!
Rugs I love

     If I were to just completely start over and get everything new in the family room then this look would be amazing!  It certainly is a breath of fresh air, so natural and fresh.  I love the fun, flirty circle pattern on the rug.  The sofa and love seat look so plush and that ottoman makes me want to kick my feet up and relax.  The fabric of the furniture looks easy to clean and I would make a promise to the rug to never allow bananas and soda around it.  My current entertainment cabinet is a maple color which would work well with all of these.
Love this look!

I was looking though the youth rugs and found the most adorable rug on Gardner-White for my boys' room.  It really could not get any better than this one.  Here is their room sort of halfway finished.  On one wall I painted an old piece of barn wood to say No Fussing, No Fighting, No Farting.  The boys think it is hilarious!  The curtains are going to have deep red handkerchief tie backs. 
     Here is the rug from Gardner-White:
     Gardner-White has so much to choose from, I spent hours looking through everything on their website.  I could redo every room in my home!  You have got to just check it out for yourself.  I had extra fun messing around on Polyvore to create room looks.  It helps to put everything together in one place to really visualize what it will be like in my home.

Disclaimer: I wrote this post in order to enter a Michigan blogger contest where I could potentially win $1K to Gardner-White.  All opinions are my own.

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