Mama Nibbles: Let it Snow Holiday Snowflake Wreath

Let it Snow Holiday Snowflake Wreath

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This snow flurry of a winter wreath can be all yours for around $15!

{You will need}
1 grapevine, wicker or willow type wreath (I recycled an old fall wreath)
1 can white spray paint
1 bottle Aleene's Clear Gel Tacky Glue or you can use a hot glue if you like to move faster
A handful of jingle bells, silver beads or pearls (I recycled an old necklace for beads and pearls)
A few packages of white sparkly snowflake ornaments.  Make sure to get a couple different types (mine are from Dollar Tree)
1 wreath hanger for your door (mine is from Dollar Tree)
A small piece of twine or ribbon to tie onto the wreath for hanging Free

1. If using an old wreath first rip off all the old stuff and wipe clean with a damp cloth
2. Once clean and dry place on a piece of cardboard and take in a well vented area to spray paint white on both sides.  Make sure to get inside all the cracks.  I let my wreath dry over night.
3. Cut all of the strings for hanging off of the snowflake ornaments.
4. Recycle: take apart some old jewelry that might have some useable beads or pearls
5. Get your glue ready
6. Place snowflakes around the wreath to figure out how many you will use and what pattern you wish to create.
7. Begin gluing your flakes down to the wreath.  It helps to make them kid of all over random so that it looks more natural.  Let the glue dry for a least a few hours if using Aleene's.  I like using Aleene's because it dries so clear, does not have annoying strings like a hot glue and it won't melt the delicate snowflake ornaments like a hot glue would.  The drying time is worth the wait.  Once this glue dries it is solid as a rock.
8. Now that our glue is fairly dry we can begin adding on the "bling".  Glue on those bells, beads and pearls all over.  It helps to make these random for a more natural look, just like our snowflakes.  Here's how it looks with only the pearls.  I love it this way but I had some jingle bells to use up so I put those on too (next picture).

So there you have it.  A flurry of snowflakes on a beautiful white Christmas wreath.  Hang over your front door and be merry!  It would be cute to add a bow or little placard hanging from it.  I looked all over for a mini chalkboard but didn't find one or that would be on my wreath with the message "Let it snow!".

Aleene's sent me the glue to try out as a gift.  All opinions are my own.

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