Mama Nibbles: A Favorite Eyeshadow Palette- Coastal Scents 88 WARM

A Favorite Eyeshadow Palette- Coastal Scents 88 WARM

I've become absolutely enthralled with makeup over the past few months.  I watch all the big YouTube makeup gurus and have learned so much in just a short time.  I now know how to blend, contour, clean my brushes and so much more.  I am and will be always indebted to the tutorials I've had the privilege of watching.

I knew that I wanted to get more eyeshadows but my budget isn't the biggest.  I was watching Beauty Broadcast (one of my faves) and she has an old tutorial using the Coastal Scents Warm Palette containing 88 beautiful shades of eyeshadow.  I decided that I had to buy this palette after watching her tutorial and seeing how many looks I could create with this large palette.  I paid only $12 for it!

When I ordered the palette I also ordered one of their blending brushes.  I had almost every brush out there (from elf) but no blending brush, I needed one!  I discovered that their eyeshadows are very creamy and soft, they glide on so smoothly and blend like a dream.  Most of the shadows in this palette have a nice amount of pigment but there are a couple that could have used a bit more.  

Overall I am loving my new palette and use it almost every time I put my makeup on.  The big mirror is a nice plus but you need to lean this against something if you want to use both hands.  The blending brush could be a bit softer but it really does a great job of blending my look and packing on the color.  I can create a natural day or dramatic night look within minutes using this palette.  Most shadows are a satin, some are shimmery and a couple seem to be rather matte.  I will definitely be ordering from Coastal Scents again in the near future.  Next up I want to get their brow set, my poor brows could use it!

before liner

Wearing my fave false lashes that I got from Amazon (I use DUO lash glue in transparent to adhere):

Most loved eyeliner is Physicians Formula 2-in-1 Lash Boosting Serum Liner in brown:

I found my affordable palette at Coastal Scents:

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