Mama Nibbles: Best Affordable Coffee for Keurig

Best Affordable Coffee for Keurig

Mama Nibbles was sent samples of gourmet coffee single serving one cups for her Keurig addiction.  Receiving these as a gift did not at all sway my review one way or another.  I only recommend things that I love and all opinions in my review are all my own.

I hit the one year anniversary of trying coffee for the first time not so long ago.  I am a proud coffee lover and I really enjoy trying different brands, flavors, and roasts.  I own a lovely Keurig machine and so collecting k-cups has become almost a fun hobby of mine.  I want to try all the kinds out there! 

I like how easy a k-cup is to use but I wasn't quite happy about how wasteful the plastic cup was.  My family is becoming better stewards of the Earth by recycling and composting as much as possible.  That is one great reason why I am so happy to have found San Francisco Bay Gourmet Coffee.

San Francisco Bay Gourmet Coffee makes a 97% bio-degradable single serve cup!  Their one cup pods make a cup of coffee in a Keurig just the same as a regular k-cup only without all the waste.  I am throwing away so much less into the trash can with these cups. 

The flavor is what really caught me with the San Francisco Bay gourmet coffees.  Their Hazelnut Creme has become my most favorite coffee.  I start almost every day with a hot cup of this and a shot of half & half.  The flavor is so sweet and nutty without even so much as a hint of bitterness.  This coffee is smooth, almost chocolatey, and so creamy.  I don't waste even so much as a drop when I drink this phenomenal coffee.  I loved it so much that I even placed a pretty large order with the company right away for more Hazelnut Creme.  I've barely even touched the other flavors that I was sent because I've become SO obsessed with this hazelnut!  I will have to share soon about the other coffees I've tried.

As you can see the San Francisco gourmet coffee one cup has a rounded mesh bottom.  This little mesh bottomed pod fits perfectly into the Keurig for k-cups.  It brews exactly like any other k-cup.  It is clean and neat, I've never had one drip on me when I was disposing of it.  The foil lid is a good thickness so that it keeps the coffee grounds contained.  Not once have I had any issues with these one cups, they are pretty much flawless in my opinion.

As if these one cups couldn't get any better!  Let me tell you that the price is a HUGE reason to purchase these.  The price is extremely competitive, great for the budget conscious coffee lover.  A coffee that tastes great and is affordable has my attention that's for sure.

The company that owns San Francisco Bay Gourmet Coffee is Rogers Family Company.  This family puts their heart and soul into making the best coffee they can and it shows.  They put money into community aid and funding projects.  100% of their coffee is fairly, directly, and ethically traded.  From seed to cup San Francisco Bay gourmet coffee and the Rogers Family Company coffees are a really great choice if you enjoy coffee.


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